Mid century oil painting of a young girl in the meadows signed Dalia's Gallery $65.00
Mary Alice Higgy (1874 -1969) American Ohio artist landscape painting of clouds and mountains RARE Dalia's Gallery $185.00
Michael Getsoff American listed artist mid century abstract painting of flowers on a table 1957 Dalia's Gallery $145.00
McFarland contemporary artist black and white aquatint original etching signed in pencil female figures animals and horse Dalia's Gallery $117.00
Joyce Clark (1916 - 2010) American listed artist Hawaii coconut palms against the seascape oil sketch painting Dalia's Gallery $399.00
Joyce Clark (1916 -2010) American listed artist seascape oil on paper sketch painting Dalia's Gallery $299.00
Large painting by Bill Shaddix (1931 -) American listed artist impressionist oil on masonite painting country scene with tres Dalia's Gallery $875.00
LEONARD BORMAN (1894-1995) American California artist landscape painting with a trees and lake Dalia's Gallery $255.00
Leo Politi (1908 -1996) original watercolor drawing by noted American Los Angeles artist of two children cowboys 1984 Dalia's Gallery $300.00
Leo Politi (1908 -1996) original watercolor paintings by noted American Los Angeles artist of parents with children Dalia's Gallery $430.00
Luis Ramon 19th century style oil painting of Paris park landscape with women and children Dalia's Gallery $195.00
Leon Dusso d'Usseau (1918 - 1991) portrait oil painting by listed American California artist Dalia's Gallery $290.00
John L. Harding (1806 -1882) American listed artist still life oil painting of flowers Dalia's Gallery $190.00
Karel Jan Van Den Heuvel (1913 - 1991) Belgian well listed artist impressionist oil painting of a two nude figures 1943 Dalia's Gallery $545.00
Louise Everett Nimmo (1899 - 1959) listed American artist California Mission Courtyard Monk Fountain Flowers Dalia's Gallery $1,250.00
Leo Duranona Argentinian comic artist original painting of a dog and clown 1993 Dalia's Gallery $550.00
Larisa Heller Israeli contemporary artist painting of an interior Dalia's Gallery $450.00
Lucy Atwater Jencks (1880-1962) American artist California landscape with eucalyptus trees painting Dalia's Gallery $395.00