OutsiderArtist Nathan Motley Abstract Trio Original Painting L'Enfant Gallery $1,250.00
Markus Pierson original painting "Decade" Jester Coyote what pdx $9,500.00
Caroline Solomon Abstract Portrait “Bosnian Grandfather” L'Enfant Gallery $800.00
Rukkus by Hilt 1998 L'Enfant Gallery $4,500.00
Mark Goodson Modern Painting ( Inventor of Game show) Orwellianantiques $1,500.00
Seated Geisha Writing L'Enfant Gallery $600.00
Abstract Seascape L'Enfant Gallery $3,900.00
Original Audrey Hepburn Painting Acrylic on Board 35.5" by 23.5" Orwellianantiques $975.00
Geometric Original Painting by Ephreme Kouakou L'Enfant Gallery $2,500.00
Large Reclining Buddha Painting SwisSiam-Arts-Antiques-Gems $1,250.00
Serene Lotus Painting with Gold and Copper sheen SwisSiam-Arts-Antiques-Gems $395.00
GEORGE ERNSTSON (1945-2011) abstract modern painting large California Jon Berg Fine Art and More $3,000.00
Contemporary modern minimalist abstract painting in acrylics Jon Berg Fine Art and More $225.00
Australian aboriginal art original 1992 painting by JUNE BIRD NGALE (1954-) Jon Berg Fine Art and More $250.00
Abstract Expressionist drip painting on canvas in style of Sam Francis Jon Berg Fine Art and More $135.00
GABRIELLA POSSUM-NUNGARRAYI (1967-) Australian aboriginal art dot painting "Seven Sisters Dreaming" Jon Berg Fine Art and More $1,750.00
ADA BIRD PETYARRE (c. 1930-2010) Australian aboriginal art large acrylic painting Jon Berg Fine Art and More $1,550.00