Antique Oil Painting Mountain Sunset by William Keith California Art Antiquarian Art Co. $3,250.00
Eva Blanche Whelan (1889- 1974) American artist boats painting Dalia's Gallery $475.00
Portrait of an aristocratic Woman French, school of David 31x27” L'Enfant Gallery $12,000.00
Winkworth Allen Gay, American SUSQUEHANNA Antique Company, Inc.
Viacheslav SADOVOI Still Life floral In Oil 12x9” L'Enfant Gallery $1,000.00
Viacheslav SADOVOI Still Life floral In oil 14x11” L'Enfant Gallery $1,400.00
Mexican Icon Madonna Oil Painting Eighteenth Century 14x10” L'Enfant Gallery $2,400.00
Fresco-like work by an Italian Artist,Masterwork Oil 41x50” L'Enfant Gallery $4,200.00
Mid Century Abstract Expressionist Oil Masterwork57x37” L'Enfant Gallery $9,500.00