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Winter Skating Scene on a Lake in Holland, circa 1620, Anthonie Verstraelen"Dutch Ice Skating Scene". Oil on Oak Panel. 27" x 42". Frame Size 33" x 48" Anthonie Verstraelen or Van Stralen (Gorkum, 1593/1594 - Amsterdam, 1641) was a Dutch landscape painter, best known (with Hendrik Avercamp and his nephew Barend Avercamp) for his winter scenes. Gillis van Stralen, Antonie's father, was a textile merchant...
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Carl Moll, Austrian,1861-1945. This stunning landscape is a study in impressionist color and light and dark. It is an oil on canvas, signed lower right. It is 15 5/8" by 19 5/8" in a handsome newer gold frame with overall dimensions of 26 5/8" by 29 5/8". Moll is a master of light and dark and the use of impressionist brushstrokes to convey the impact of the intensity of color at dusk. He is listed in Benezit and sells for up to $304,000. He was a member of the Worpswede group...
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Frantesek Kupka, 1871-1957, Opocno. Bohemia, Czech, and died in France. This stunning early mordernist painting is an early and an extremely fine example of Kupka's painting. It is approximately 17"H by 13"w in a 4" frame. It is signed clearly lower right and the entire painting and signature under black light looks good with no in painting. Kupka attended the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Prague at 17 years old and the Beaux Arts in Vienna. He moved to Paris in 1895 and also won the Prix de Rome...
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Harriette F A Sutcliffe (British, fl.1881 - 1922)

Beauty and the Beast

Oil on canvas, signed with monogram and titled on the reverse

Exhibited: The Royal Academy, 1899

Miss Suitcliff was a Hampstead painter of genre and portraits who exhibited at the royal academy from 1881-1899 and elsewhere.


Christopher Wood, The Dictionary of Victorian Painters

Painting Size: 16" x 20" Frame Size: 24" x 28"

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From our European Collection, a masterpiece by German genre realism painter Carl Johann Spielter (1851-1922), entitled "Sad News," painted in 1901. More information to follow: Size: Framed Size 60 inches wide x 48 inches tall.
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From our European Collection, a wonderful signed and dated (1860) oil on canvas entitled "The Offering" by British genre painting master John Bagnold Burgess (1830-1897). Burgess was a well -accomplished painter of the mid-late 19th century, regarded as highly in his own time, as he is nowadays. He was nominated to membership of the Royal Academy in 1889, where he had over 70 paintings displayed from about 1850 all the way through to his death in 1897...
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Domenico Ghirlandaio, Italian, 1449-1494, Florence. Oil on panel in sepia tones. He lived when the Italian Renaissance was gathering speed and producing an astonishing succession of painters of genius. "Now that I have begun to get into the spirit of this art, I wish they would give me the walls of Florence to paint the whole circuit with stories." This is said to be Ghirlandaio's reaction to painting.popes, princes and members of the newly flourishing class of merchants...
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James Pollard (British 1792-1867)

The London to Oxford Coaches at Mile Marker 24

Oil-on-canvas, signed lower right

Painting: 17” x 32”
Frame: 23 ½” x 38 1/4”

Pollard was an engraver and sporting artist noted for his coaching, fox hunting and equine scenes. As the son of Robert Pollard, a painter, engraver and publisher, James was encouraged to become a painter of horses...

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'The Temptation of St. Anthony' by Edouard De Beaumont (French, 1821-1888), oil on canvas. Circa 1850s-1860s. Size: 30 inches x 20 inches. Charles Edouard de Beaumont was son of the sculptor, Jean-Baptiste Beaumont, and Charles studied under the artist Boisselier. He was primarily a lithographer but also painted in oils, and founded the Society of Watercolourists in 1879. Offered in an antique gilt wood frame. Signed in the lower left. Painting has been professionally restored and relined.
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June Hastings
Dutch oil on canvas painting by Casper Netscher (1639-1684) “Portrait of a Lady Seated by a Fountain”. From the Estate of Colonel James Elverson, Jr. (d. 1929), president and publisher of the Philadelphia Inquirer. This painting came to auction in 1930 and was sold by the American Art Association, predecessor to Sotheby’s. The frame is 19th century and was original to the 1930 auction. Copy of 1930 catalog comes as part of the provenance...
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This is an original oil on canvas painting of the Madonna and Child. It is in a gorgeous gilt wood frame. The artist was Austrian, Hans Zatzka (1886-1945) In signing the painting, he used one of his pseudonyms, H. Ballheim. The painting is dated 1886. It measures 42 1/2 inches by 37 1/2 inches.
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Johannes Marinus Ten Kate (Dutch, 1859-1896)

Working the Field

Oil on canvas. signed lower right

Painting17" x 24 3/4"
Frame: 28" x 35 1/4"

Ten Kate was known for his landscapes, beach scenes and genre paintings. Born in Amsterdam, he was the son of Johannes Mari ten Kate, under whom he most likely studied...

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June Hastings
19th C oil on canvas by listed Dutch artist Albertus Verhoesen (1806-1881). An accomplished artist, Verhoesen specialized in landscape paintings with domestic livestock. This idyllic scene shows a bull, 3 resting cows, 2 goats and a playful kid in a field. Verhoesen's works can be seen on exhibit in major museums worldwide including the Louvre. This painting measures sight size 17.5" x 22", with frame 24" x 29". Signed and dated 1847 by the artist.
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Claude Francois Auguste de Mesgrigny (French, 1836-1884) landscape painting of a river scene with barge, fisherman, and ducks; oil on canvas; 12.5" x 18. Signed lower right. Condition: Short 3/4" tear in region of trees.
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Provenance: Private Midwest Collection Leslie Hindman Auction,Private Chicago Collection Serge Petrovitch Ivanoff, born Moscow in 1893 -1983. Ivanoff studied at the St...
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Richard Redgrave (British, 1804-1888)

Resting Deer in a Forest Landscape

Oil on canvas

Provenance: Thomas McLean Gallery, London (retaining the original label on the back).

Painting: 20.75" x 36"
Frame: 30" x 45"

Redgrave was a genre and landscape painter. For a time he worked with his father who was an engraver before entering the Royal Academy in 1825. He began by painting historical genre in 18th century costume but in the 1840s he was among the fir...

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Giovanni Paola Panini, 1691-1765,an excellent and fine PAIR of unsigned Venetian Canal scenes ,17th century school of Panini, oil paintings in fancy carved shape measures 20x13”each Giovanni Paolo Panini or Pannini (17 June 1691 – 21 October 1765) was a painter and architect who worked in Rome and is primarily known as one of the vedutisti ("view painters"). As a painter, Panini is best known for his vistas of Rome, in which he took a particular interest in the city's antiquities. Am...
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Ferdinand Leeke (German 1859-1923)

The Art Critics

Oil-on-canvas, signed lower right, located “Meran” and dated “1906"

Painting Size: 39.5” x 31.75”
Frame Size: 48.25 ” x 40”

A painter of historical, genre and allegorical scenes, Leeke studied at the Munich Academy under Johann Herterich and with the Hungarian genre and landscape painter Alexander von Wagner. Around 1889, Leeke was commissioned by Siegried Wagner, son of Richard Wagner to paint...