Marine Painting by Hendricks A. Hallett (American 1847-1921 ) STUDIO ANTIQUES & FINE ART, INC. $2,150.00
Alberta Kinsey 1924 New Orleans Louisana Artist Painting Silverman's Selected Antiques $1,100.00
WILLIAM ERNEST CHAPMAN "GARDEN IN AUGUST" 1939. Daniel Simhon Fine Art $1,500.00
Charles P. Appel, oil on canvas, "Tonalist Sunset Landscape" New England Art Exchange $2,450.00
Los Angeles Lights by Tom Bacher (American, b.1951) STUDIO ANTIQUES & FINE ART, INC. $1,850.00
Painting of Grapes by Anna C. Freeland (American 1837-1911 ) STUDIO ANTIQUES & FINE ART, INC. $1,350.00
Cesare A. Ricciardi, American 1892-1973 SUSQUEHANNA Antique Company, Inc. $1,400.00
RUTH DUNCAN "NETS DRYING AT ARANSAS PASS" Daniel Simhon Fine Art $1,200.00
James G. Tyler, American,1855-1931 SUSQUEHANNA Antique Company, Inc. $2,400.00
William Preston Phelps, oil on canvas, "The Homestead" New England Art Exchange $4,800.00
George Arthur Hays, oil painting, "A Summer Day" New England Art Exchange $1,450.00
William Preston Phelps, oil painting, "New England Woods in Winter" New England Art Exchange $2,850.00
Charles Franklin Pierce, oil painting, "Cattle and Sheep in a Pasture" New England Art Exchange $3,250.00
LILY HARMON "MIRIAM and FRUIT" ORIGINAL PAINTING 1943 Daniel Simhon Fine Art Inquire
Geese Over Wetlands by Robert Ward Van Boskerck (Am. b. 1855) STUDIO ANTIQUES & FINE ART, INC. $4,650.00
Florence Biddle Versteeg, American, 19th C SUSQUEHANNA Antique Company, Inc. On Request
Fine ORIENTALIST Illustration Henry Reutherdahl 1912 E & M Perez $2,750.00