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Marcel Edouard Jallot (born 1904) An interesting study of a nude, from the art deco period, painted in gouache using the vivid fauvist colour palette. It is signed Marcel Jallot and dated 1925. Jallot was born in Paris in 1904. He spent most of his formative years in the Haute Provence region of France. He exhibited extensively throughout the world, including at the salon d'Automne and the Salon des Independants. He was also a member of the society of independent French artists...
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David Woodlock (1842-1929) Woman by the fire c1895. An oustsaning watercolour by one of the finest exponents of this genre, David Woodlock. This particular watercolour was exhibited at the last of Woodlock’s exhibitions at The Walker Gallery in 1929. The artist David Woodlock was born in Eire, Ireland, but is actually known as a Liverpool artist. He studied at the Liverpool School of Art and exhibited many works at the Walker Gallery...
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Lucien de Rien 20th Century French School Watercolour “Carolles” A delightful beach scene signed Lucien de Rien, dated 1966 and painted in the style of the great French watercolorist Raoul Dufy. The scene shows holidaymakers on the beach at Carolles in Normandy, northern France. Condition. Minor foxing, but generally in good order. Size 28cm x 38cm (45cm x 55cm framed) 11 x 15 inches (17.5 x 21.5inches framed) Item ID:11184
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E. Lyn HOPE RHA (act.c.1940-1958) The Bog at Dore. A delightful watercolour of the bogland at Dore, Sligo, Ireland, by Irish artist E Lyn Hope. E Lyn Hope exhibited at the Watercolour Society of Ireland and at the RHA from 1940 to 1958. His work was sold at the prestigious Victor Walker Galleries in Dublin. Similar examples have sold for up to £1500 at auction. Condition Excellent condition, colours crisp and bright...
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A delightful gouache/ watercolour painting of visitors enjoying the views at the Luxembourg Gardens in the 6th arrondissement of Paris. Elizabeth Hunter was born in Bristol and studied at the West of England College of Art under Paul Feiler, Robert Hurdle and George Sweet. After distinguished post-graduate studies at the Slade, the early 1960s were spent in Cornwall...
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A well executed watercolour of an incident from the English Civil War depicting two royalist soldiers hiding under a bridge from a Cromwellian patrol. Houston was a well regarded historical and genre painter, particularly of the Civil War. He was descended from the celebrated Nasmyth clan of artists, he studied at the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh under the tutelage of the institution’s president, Sir William Allan...
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Millard Sheets, American, 1907-1989, "Distant Hills," watercolor, sight size 12 1/4 x 18 inches, framed in a 24 x 27 1/2 inch Whistler-style frame. Signed "Millard Sheets" in pencil in the lower right. Watercolor on paper. The multifaceted Millard Sheets was one of the first of a group known as the California Scene Painters, part of a larger Regionalist movement from the 1930s to the 1960s that describes a representational style capturing scenes from everyday life...
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This painting is reflection of the coastline seen in Laguna Beach during the early 1900's. Conway Griffith was born in Springfield, Ohio, and is known for seascape, landscape and some marine painting. He was raised in a cultured family, and both he and his brother, Armand Harold Conway became recognized artists. At age 17, Conway went to New York City and became a student of William Merritt Chase and Wayne Gifford...
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Original watercolor by Bertram Goodman (American, 1904-1988), circa 1940. Offered in a period frame. Signed l.r. 17" by 12" painting alone, 29" by 23" in frame. Bertram Goodman was a WPA artist and muralist. His works are held in the Brooklyn Museum and the Allbright-Knox Art Gallery.
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A vintage original watercolor of Mahatma Gandhi's statue at Tavistock Square, in Bloomsbury, London. Watercolor of good quality of drawing and details, late 1960th. Signed. In original frame and glass. H 35,5 cm, W 25,5 cm.
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Fan painting of goldfish by a Beijing artist Liu Chen , dated 2008
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This wonderful frame watercolor on paper is displaying fall colors with the leaves of the trees and the figures are dressed in coats and hats are on the sidewalk, large business logos on the sides of building, the use of color is masterful.

Laycox's paintings are boldly impressionistic and colorful. "La Revue Moderne", Paris art publication, described them as "dynamic, vivid, animated and exciting experience"...

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14.5" x 17.5" watercolor on velvet. Defects to the velvet consistent with age. In period frame.
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A Very Fine/Rare Boo-Byuk Rue (浮碧樓-부벽루) Landscape Scroll Painting by 일재(Il-Jae)-김윤보(Kim Yoon Bo)(一齋, 金允輔-1865-1938): Inscription by Ho-Jung (湖亭)-Ro Won? Sang?. This is an one of a very rare paintings by Kim Yoon Bo (金允輔) in his true view of landscape (진경산수) paintings, painted in ink and colar on long silk, with a pavilion ((浮碧樓) near Pyung Yang-平壤 – a Capital of Koryo dynasty(935-1392), with signature and two seals (一齋, 金...
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Charles Levier (1920-2004) Original watercolor of Parisian women signed lower right. Throughout the world are to be found his paintings in countless private and public collections. He is represented in the Museum of Modern Art in Paris and the Menton Museum in Paris. In the USA, his work can be found in the permanent collection of the Atlanta Museum, the Seattle Museum, the Evansville Museum, the New Orleans Museum and the San Diego Museum...
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Pair of finely painted watercolor of a Japanese older couple, bearded man is wearing a scarf around his forehead and smoking a pipe, and the older women is wearing scarf around her head and is drinking from a tea bowl, matted and framed. Signed by the artist. Size: 14" x 9.5 without frame. Age 1950's
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Watercolor painting titled “Seascape with Sail” by Robert Hopkin, of a sail boat out in the ocean with dark clouds hovering above choppy seas. Size: high x 19-1/3” wide. Robert Hopkin was a landscape, marine, animal, and historical painter. Hopkin immigrated to the United States from Scotland in 1843 and settled permanently in Detroit, Michigan. Hopkin was the leading painter in mid to late 19th century Detroit and was celebrated in that city during his lifetime...
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Painted by senior artist of 70 plus years old