Large 18th C Cupid: 18th C Italian King Art $5,000.00
Floral Still Life: Carolyn Hamilton King Art $1,100.00
SALE PRICE (was $2000)
Abraham Rosenthal painting of Rockport Harbor Antiques Collaborative, Inc. $1,050.00
Pre-Raphaelite Painting of Ophelia STUDIO ANTIQUES & FINE ART, INC. $3,500.00
I. R. Lowd "Fishermen in a Winter Sea" Oil Painting Kensington House Antiques $750.00
19th Century Mexican San José Retablo Kensington House Antiques $475.00
Arthur B. Wilder painting - Bristol, Tenn. & Virginia Antiques Collaborative, Inc. $1,850.00
Landscape by Clark S. Marshall (American, 1862-1944) STUDIO ANTIQUES & FINE ART, INC. $4,650.00
Arthur B. Wilder painting - Vermont autumn Antiques Collaborative, Inc. $1,650.00
William R. Leigh Indian Southwest Adobe in landscape Antiquarian Art Co. Inquire
Charming Portrait Miniature of Young Boy, ca 1830's Granite Pail Collectibles $495.00
Two Paintings by John Singer Sargent Portraits On Main
Study photos of John Singer Sargent Painting Portraits On Main
Flemish Old Master Canvas Portraits On Main Researching
Yolande Ardissone (b.1927) Art Cache CONTACT GALLERY
Robert Philipp (1895-1981) Art Cache CONTACT GALLERY
Honeysuckle Design on Isabella's Vest Portraits On Main
Honeysuckle Design on Vest by Van Dyck Portraits On Main