Dorothy Van Loan Modernist Polo Players Lithograph Auerbach and Maffia $750.00
WILLIAM A. ESKEY (1891-1937) pencil signed California etching of San Gabriel Mission Jon Berg Fine Art and More $195.00
John Taylor Arms etching, Palazzo Dell Angelo New England Art Exchange $1,650.00
GEORGE ELBERT BURR (1859-1939) Southwestern American artist fine etching of Arizona desert Jon Berg Fine Art and More $650.00
Frank Benson, etching, Bunch of Bluebills, 1931, 495.00 New England Art Exchange $495.00
William Joseph Schaldach, "Chores - Lyons Plain, CT" New England Art Exchange $400.00
Arthur J. T. Briscoe, etching, "Flooded Decks" 1931 New England Art Exchange $975.00
Armin Landeck, etching, "Sunset Palace Lodge" 1938 New England Art Exchange $495.00
John S. deMartelly, lithograph, "Blue Valley Fox Hunt" New England Art Exchange $1,200.00
Samuel H Gottscho silver gelatin photograph of Chadwick, residence what pdx $895.00
JESSIE SHAW FISHER (1877-after 1942) scarce early Hawaiian art pencil signed etching "Hawaii Hall" Jon Berg Fine Art and More $350.00
KATHE KOLLWITZ (1867-1945) lithograph German art "Death Cycle" Jon Berg Fine Art and More $900.00
Kerr Eby etching, Still Hollow, pencil signed New England Art Exchange $775.00
MAURICE MERLIN (1909-1947) original lithograph print of young girl 1939 by listed Midwest and California American Scene artist Jon Berg Fine Art and More $200.00
"Josephine" ~ Helena Chase Johnson Black Dog Antiques $85.00
Albert W. Barker, lithograph, "Upper Barn, Winter" New England Art Exchange $425.00
John Stockton deMartelly, litho, "Old Man Towne Bought a New Scythe" New England Art Exchange $575.00
Circa 1930's colorized photo of Santa Monica Bay California‏ Jon Berg Fine Art and More $85.00