Joseph Pennell, etching, "Old and New Mills," 1910 New England Art Exchange $495.00
William Seltzer Rice Woodcut Print - Italian Boat - Very Rare Era Woodblock Prints $4,000.00
Louis August Mathieu Legrand, etching, "Frio" New England Art Exchange $775.00
Alter Mann (Old Man) by Lovis Corinth New England Art Exchange $750.00
Kerr Eby lithograph, "Where do we Go", world war I New England Art Exchange $675.00
JAN TOOROP (1858-1928) major Dutch artist lithograph dated 1915 "The Miner" Jon Berg Fine Art and More $350.00
THEOPHILE-ALEXANDRE STEINLEN (1859-1923) lithograph print of WWI subject dated 1915‏ Jon Berg Fine Art and More $185.00
Frank Benson, Etching, "Morning Flight," 1918 New England Art Exchange $875.00
Japanese Navy Battle of The Yellow Sea,lithograph 15x30” L'Enfant Gallery $2,500.00
Lucien Lévy-Dhurmer Collotype hand signed limited edition 1917 what pdx $95.00
Anders Zorn etching, Skerikulla, pencil signed, 1912 New England Art Exchange $775.00
Vaugham Trowbridge, Etching, "Arles" New England Art Exchange $375.00
Le Aspirazioni Dell'Italia Black Dog Antiques $125.00
Chinese Painting of Birds,on silk,watercolor Republic Period 40”x12” L'Enfant Gallery $850.00
SOLD L'Enfant Gallery
Sir Frank Short, etching, "Sion House on the Thames", 1911 New England Art Exchange $525.00
Rustic cabin art three panel 1905 Taber Prang framed images of Native American Indians Jon Berg Fine Art and More $300.00
Tavik F. Simon, etching, "Puente Nuevo at Ronda- Spain" New England Art Exchange $425.00
CURRIER & IVES American print making later restrike of "Winter in the Country" Jon Berg Fine Art and More $250.00
Jay Carter Beard Book Illustration “Young Girl in the Forest” 12x11” L'Enfant Gallery $1,200.00
Joseph Pennell, etching, "St. Paul's, New York" New England Art Exchange $725.00
LOVIS CORINTH (1858-1925) pencil signed etching "Portrait of Hermann Struck" by highly important German artist Jon Berg Fine Art and More $1,000.00
Anders Zorn, etching, "Skerikulla" 1912 New England Art Exchange $475.00
Jean Louis Forain, etching, "La Lecture Du Dossierr" New England Art Exchange $425.00
THEOPHILE-ALEXANDRE STEINLEN (1859-1923) lithograph print "La Mere Chatte" 1913 pencil signed‏ Jon Berg Fine Art and More $1,200.00
THEOPHILE-ALEXANDRE STEINLEN (1859-1923) original lithograph "Les Soliloques du Pauvre.." illustration for jacket of poetry book Jon Berg Fine Art and More $375.00
JOHN SLOAN (1871-1951) plate signed limited edition 1902 etching Jon Berg Fine Art and More $130.00
Romantic Victorian Garden Scene circa 1900 lithograph 18x13” L'Enfant Gallery $300.00
After FRED PANSING (1844-1916) very large chromolithograph print of ship "La Touraine" by American marine artist Jon Berg Fine Art and More $600.00
Domenico Feti de Montova Masterpiece L'Enfant Gallery $1,100.00
Edgar Chahine, Etching, "En Promenade," 1905 New England Art Exchange $950.00
"Daikon and the Baby", print by Helen Hyde Zentner Collection $815.00
Gertrude Partington Albright, "Young Lady in Fur Stole" New England Art Exchange $650.00
Manuel Robbe, La Coquette, color etching, french New England Art Exchange $1,450.00
THEODORE WEBER (1838-1907) chromolithograph print after an Italian coastal scene painting Jon Berg Fine Art and More $175.00
Photogravure Of Abraham Lincoln By Douglas Volk 16x12 inch L'Enfant Gallery $2,500.00