High Definition photo of a Pansy L'Enfant Gallery $450.00
Fugi Nakamizo " New York Public Library Print" what pdx $65.00
The Landing,Frank Benson New England Art Exchange $2,200.00
CHRIS FAUST (1955-) black white photograph Seattle noted photographer Jon Berg Fine Art and More $500.00
Edmund Blampied, Etching, "Blessing the Waters," 1926 New England Art Exchange $575.00
1760 Lithograph by artist L. Boilly, “Les Medecins” 12x9” L'Enfant Gallery $400.00
Eighteenth Century etching of Sophienberg Palace L'Enfant Gallery $500.00
NORMAN COUSINS (1915-1990) collection of ten black and white photos by the noted American political journalist and author Jon Berg Fine Art and More $975.00
Japan. Haku Maki. Work74-63(ox). A.P. The Tretiak Collection $700.00
Reginald Cleveland Coxe, Etching, "Home Again," 1887 New England Art Exchange $675.00
"William Hogarth" The Man of Taste" and "Rich's Triumphant Entry what pdx $150.00
JACK LEVINE (1915-2010) pencil signed etching of Jewish theme subject by well listed Jewish American artist Jon Berg Fine Art and More $225.00
Emil Ganso, Lithograph, "Joyce (No. 2)" 1932 New England Art Exchange $495.00
WENDELL H. BLACK "THISTLES AND WINGS" ETCHING 1956 Daniel Simhon Fine Art $600.00
John Gould ORIGINAL Hand Colored Lithograph, Birds of Great Britain East Dennis Antiques $475.00
Palace royale Brussels ByPerry Menkarn Print L'Enfant Gallery $200.00
LUIGI KASIMIR 1881-1962 color etching Vienna Opera House master etcher Jon Berg Fine Art and More $525.00