CHARLES H. CLARK John Knox House Ltd. Edit. ETCHING Antiques and Decor by Fiona $110.00
Valentine Green, "Self Portrait of Sir Joshua Reynolds" New England Art Exchange $1,250.00
HANS BURKHARDT (1904-1994) signed museum exhibition poster from 1972 by important Swiss-born California modern artist Jon Berg Fine Art and More $235.00
Turkish Lithograph “Harbor Scene 1600”modern print 16x20 L'Enfant Gallery $1,500.00
HANS ERNI (1909-2015) Swiss modern art print "Coq" Jon Berg Fine Art and More $375.00
Albert Besnard, Etching, "La Mere Malade" New England Art Exchange $950.00
LEONARD BASKIN (1922-2000) etching of religious Jewish man by noted American artist and educator Jon Berg Fine Art and More $125.00
Joseph Pennell, etching, "The Great Gate, Lincoln's Inn" 1905 New England Art Exchange $495.00
Child and Dove, After Picasso David Anthony $2,000.00
"Robert Sweet" English Botanical Engraving East Dennis Antiques $295.00
Frida Kahlo Tribute Montage Photograph By Rafi Claudio Framed 28x28” L'Enfant Gallery $4,500.00
EUGENE LOVING (1908-1971) pencil signed etching "Bourbon Street Patio" by noted New Orleans artist Jon Berg Fine Art and More $150.00
Heinrich Vogeler 1897 Signed Etching Art Nouveau Silverman's Selected Antiques $695.00
William Schaldach, Etching, "Fighting Mad- Black Bass" New England Art Exchange $750.00
John Taylor Arms, etching, "Amiens" 1926 New England Art Exchange $575.00
Zenobia, George Baxter David Anthony $175.00
GEORGES ROUAULT (1871-1958) wood engraving print "Les Visages" by the French master artist Jon Berg Fine Art and More $195.00
Japan. Haku Maki. 78-2 (water). 183 of 203. The Tretiak Collection $325.00
Vintage color etching of Paris Montmartre signed B. Vilard Jon Berg Fine Art and More $145.00
ANDREW WYETH (1917-2009) pencil signed collotype print "Sea Running" Jon Berg Fine Art and More $795.00
An Offering Before Captain Cook, in the Sandwich Islands (Hawaii) what pdx $1,100.00
Vaugham Trowbridge, Etching, "Arles" New England Art Exchange $375.00
McKenney And Hall East Dennis Antiques $350.00
"American Ornithology" By Alexander Wilson East Dennis Antiques $550.00
JOSEPH PENNELL (1860-1926) fine etching "The Avenue, Valenciennes" by important American printmaker Jon Berg Fine Art and More $525.00
Lacerta Colored Plate from the early 19th century. L'Enfant Gallery $200.00
Torii Kiyonaga, Woodblock, Two Women with Young Servant New England Art Exchange $475.00
A Rendez-vous,Vincenzia, William R Flint New England Art Exchange $675.00
F.O.C. DARLEY (1822-1888) original 19th century American etching "Emigrants on the Plains" Jon Berg Fine Art and More $200.00
French Victorian fashion prints (4) from La Mode Illustree circa 1875 Jon Berg Fine Art and More $200.00
Jean Volang French Vietnamese Born Artist “Yellow Floral” 30”x24” L'Enfant Gallery $1,800.00
Ben Zion "Gilgamesh " II what pdx $149.00