Ukrainian Church Watercolor by A. Bolatnrev Engraving L'Enfant Gallery $450.00
Domenico Feti de Montova Masterpiece L'Enfant Gallery $1,100.00
Domenico Feti de Montova by J. Camerata L'Enfant Gallery $1,100.00
Enea Vico Charles V Engraving c 1550 from the old Tiffany location 5th what pdx $5,800.00
Van der Aa Pieter (1659 - 1733) Dutch noted map atlases publisher map of Rome Italy Dalia's Gallery $550.00
Samuel John Carter (1855 -1892) large engraving by well listed English animal painter Dalia's Gallery $550.00
Pair of small copper engraving prints colored by hand by the Columbian artist Guillermo Silva Sanz de Santamaria (1921- 2007) Dalia's Gallery $155.00
Luigi Vanvitelli 18th century letter monogram P miniature engraving Dalia's Gallery $139.00
Joseph Bishop Pratt (1854 -1910) large engraving 1883 of dogs jumping over fence Dalia's Gallery $650.00
Homann Heirs 1746 map of North America and South America "Americae Mappa generalis Secundum legimitas projectionis Stereiographiae regulas… MDCCXXXXVI Dalia's Gallery $1,000.00
Homage to Henri Matisse quality etching by artist George Crionas Dalia's Gallery $130.00
Fine 17th century French engraving with hand coloring after painting Palace of Versailles Dalia's Gallery $325.00
F. Sansom botanical hand colored engraving Inula dysenterica No: 164 Dalia's Gallery $135.00
Charles K. Gleeson (1878-1948) American artist etching signed in pencil and titled "Sunday morning Cuernavaca" in Mexico Dalia's Gallery $245.00
Antique 18th century hand colored engraving of Swiss landscape by Jeremias Wolff (1663-1724) Dalia's Gallery $225.00
Bror Julius Olsson Nordfeldt (1878 -1955) American New Mexico well listed artist 1968 posthumous impression etching Santa Fe Chimneys - Chimayo Dalia's Gallery $395.00
1816 Germany map color engraving print by W. Milton Dalia's Gallery $85.00
Old 1930 wood engraving of young woman and old man seated in a wagon Dalia's Gallery $275.00