"Beauties of Claude Lorraine" (Set of 3 Engravings) Les Looms | Art Haz $175.00
Antique Kearsley Hand Coloured Snake Copper Plate Engraving Print 1801 Fiona Kenny Antiques $80.00
Etienne Fessard Engraving Les Looms | Art Haz $125.00
"La Boudiniere" Copperplate Engraving after David Teniers Les Looms | Art Haz $250.00
"Le Mauvais Riche" Engraving (after a painting by David Teniers) Les Looms | Art Haz $250.00
American Engraving on Paper of Boston Pastor, c. 1820 David Pownall Willis $265.00
Henry Sadd, Mezzotint, "Lord Viscount Nelson, Duke of Bronte" New England Art Exchange $625.00
Antique Color Engraving Fish c.1780 Histoire Naturelle Antiquarian Art Co. $225.00
Herbert Ogden Waters, wood engraving, "October" New England Art Exchange $425.00
Jean Emile Laboureur, engraving, La Grande Bergère New England Art Exchange $625.00
Print "The natives of Otaheite attacking Capt Wallis" c 1780 what pdx $120.00
Engraving "The natives of Otaheite Attacking Capt Wallis" C1780 what pdx $125.00
c.1780 "View of the Fleet of Otaheite" what pdx $125.00
C 1780 " View of the Island of Otaheite" Capt Wallis what pdx $99.00
Asa Cheffetz, wood engraving, "Sleepy Creek" New England Art Exchange $495.00
Vietz antique vegetable engravings, Vienna 1804 Summerhill Gallery $325.00
Vietz antique artichoke and watermelon engravings, Vienna 1804 Summerhill Gallery $450.00
Rare raven and crow engravings by Johann Frisch, 18th c Summerhill Gallery $395.00