August-Louis Lepere, wood engraving, "Bucolique Moderne" New England Art Exchange $1,250.00
Agnes Parker, Wood Engraving, "Fox" New England Art Exchange $425.00
Print of Finney Chapel, Oberlin College STUDIO ANTIQUES & FINE ART, INC. $185.00
Woodblock Engraving by Harold C Davies California Art Walnut Creek Antiquarian Art Co. $225.00
Japanese Woodblock Print Katsuyuki Nishijima Kyoto Street Miyako Odori Petrie-Rogers Gallery $195.00
Ian Cheyne 1895 ~ 1955. “The Breakwater”. 1933. Hawkes, Asian Art £1,250.00
Albert Abramovitz, woodblock, "The Family" New England Art Exchange $525.00
Robert Moony, woodblock, "The Witches Fire" New England Art Exchange $450.00
Albert Abramovitz, Linocut, "Job Wanted" New England Art Exchange $750.00
Herbert Ogden Waters, wood engraving, "Les Smith New England Art Exchange $575.00
WENDELL H. BLACK "SELF-PORTRAIT IN MEXICO HAT" 1957 Daniel Simhon Fine Art Inquire
James Dexter Havens Wood Block Print Winter Morning Framed The Incurable Collector $450.00
Clown Assis, Georges Rouault David Anthony $360.00
FuchĂ»: The Abe River (FuchĂ», Abekawa) David Anthony $2,500.00
The Divine Comedy, Salvador Dali, News of the Limbos David Anthony $4,000.00
Red Fuji David Anthony $375.00
Original woodblock print by Paul Jacoulet William-Cozart, Inc. $120.00
Original woodblock print by Paul Jacoulet William-Cozart, Inc. $120.00