Toko Shinoda Lithograph with Sumi-e Brushstrokes - Echo Era Woodblock Prints $2,800.00
Wayne Ensrud Lithograph - "Portofino" (Ed. 125/300) Les Looms | Art Haz $350.00
Zvi Milshtein Etching - Dome of the Rock and Hebrew Inscriptions Les Looms | Art Haz $120.00
John Ross Woodcut - "Baseball" 1960 Les Looms | Art Haz $500.00
Ellison Hoover Lithograph - "Corsican Morning" 1930 Les Looms | Art Haz $2,000.00
Ellison Hoover Lithograph - "Arc de Triomphe" 1930 Les Looms | Art Haz $2,000.00
Juan Gomez-Quiroz Etching - "Cosmos" (Ed. 7/100) Les Looms | Art Haz $100.00
Ten (10) Antonio Carbonati Italian Roman Etchings w/ Folder Black Dog Antiques $350.00
Toko Shinoda Lithograph with Red Brushstrokes - Autumnal Era Woodblock Prints $2,950.00
Framed and numbered Japanese woodblock print by Reika Iwami 1983 L'Asie Exotique $1,200.00
Sakiko Ide Silkscreen Print - Chrysanthemum and Flowing Water I Era Woodblock Prints $275.00
SALVADOR DALI "The Harbinger" from The New Jerusalem" Suite, Signed Forestangel Asian Antiques $2,750.00
SALVADOR DALI "Gateway to the New World, Hand Signed Lithograph Forestangel Asian Antiques $1,750.00
Barn and House, Tanaka Ryohei, etching and aquatint, 1993 The Zentner Collection $975.00
James Abbott McNeill Whistler, etching, "Hurlingham" New England Art Exchange $1,450.00
Tavik F. Simon, etching, "Notre Dame de Paris in the Morning" New England Art Exchange $600.00
Arthur Briscoe, etching, "Oyster Dreckers" New England Art Exchange $625.00
Paul Landacre, wood engraving, "Monday" New England Art Exchange $2,400.00