Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi French Artist 1834–1904 “Lafayette Maquette L'Enfant Gallery On Request
Hindu Chola Dynasty Granite Figure of Agni The Fire God what pdx $85,000.00
Abraham Lincoln Plaster Bust By Artist Volk 1828-1895 L'Enfant Gallery On Request
Bronze George Washington As General By Noel Jules Girard 1816-1886 L'Enfant Gallery On Request
Marble Sculpture Of Sam Houston, Attributed To Elizabeth Ney 1833-1907 L'Enfant Gallery On Request
Chinese Wooden Sculpture Qing Dynasty “Warrior“ 32 in. L'Enfant Gallery On Request
“Sheridan’s Ride” Bronze Sculpture October 1864 L'Enfant Gallery $38,000.00
Unsigned Modernist Bronze Bust Of Abraham Lincoln 20th Century L'Enfant Gallery On Request
Chinese Guanyin Gold Leaf Carved Wood Sculpture Qing Dynasty 58” L'Enfant Gallery $30,000.00
Extremely rare standing sandstone AVA Disciple, 15th C. SwisSiam-Arts-Antiques-Gems $28,000.00
Spanish Sixteenth Century Sculpture Of Jesus 52” L'Enfant Gallery On Request
Sixteenth Century European Sculpture Of Veneration Polychrome 52” L'Enfant Gallery $25,000.00
Madonna Dolorosa Sicilian Mahogany Sculpture Late Sixteenth Century L'Enfant Gallery $24,000.00
French Bronze Sculpture, Cendrillon by Jean-Jules Frere David Anthony $21,900.00
Important Bronze “Dante Alighieri” By Ettore Ximenes 1855-1926 17x6” L'Enfant Gallery $21,000.00
Jean-Baptiste-Maximilien Delafontaine Bacchus Bronze Scupture 36 in L'Enfant Gallery $19,000.00
c1910s French Mixed Metal Cubist Nude female Cello what pdx $18,500.00