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Antique art Deco american bronze statue of a nude male standing with one arm up with a Snake by his feet. Made by the listed AMERICAN ARTIST ( born in Sweden) sculptor KARL F. SKOOG.Titled "THE NEW GENERATION". This bronze statueis solid bronze signed by the Artist and inscribed"THE SEED OF A WOMAN SHALL CRUSH THE HEAD OF THE SERPENT"This statue by the Artist KARL F...
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Son of Antonio Ximenes and Giulia Tolentino, a Sicilian noble woman, Ettore Ximenes initially embarked on literary studies but then took up sculpture and attended the courses at the Palermo Academy of Fine Arts. After 1872, he continued training at the Naples Academy under Domenico Morelli[2] and Stanislao Lista...
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Classical Carved stone Goddess figure Archeologist estate Piece . Nice small stone carving in a unknown stone alabaster or something similar, when handling it it sounds like your handling glass. I cant figure out the culture nearly Greek in style. Selling as is . 1.25 by 1.25 by 7.50"
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Daniel Chester French (April 20, 1850 – October 7, 1931) was an American sculptor of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, best known for his design of the monumental statue of Abraham Lincoln (1920) in the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. The Bronze finished in gilt patina is numbered and copyrighted by the artist and signed. The work was released on the dedication of the memorial to a few officials and friends...
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The larger-than-life-sized figure was sculpted by Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi (1834–1904), who also designed the Statue of Liberty (1886), another gift from the French government that figures prominently in New York Harbor. The granite pedestal designed by H.W. DeStuckle was donated by French citizens living in New York. Lafayette appears in another Bartholdi sculpture at Lafayette Square in Upper Manhattan that depicts him shaking General George Washington’s hand...
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Authentic Ancient Indian Buddhist Andhra Pradesh Relief Sculpture Fragment. 3rd - 4th Century A.D. H 31 cm; W 25 cm; T 6 cm; 8.6 kilo. On Custom Bronze Stand. Similar fragment in Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Green Limestone. Provenance: Manuel Castilho, Lisbon, Portugal. Previously with Peter Sloane, Gray's Antiques Market, London, UK before 2000.
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corpus christi flanders 17th cenutury or earlier 126cm high slight traces of polychromy
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For sale here is a MONUMENTAL vintage 1960s Studio del Campo Turin Italy handmade brutalist bronze and enamel one of a kind wall mounted sculpture titled "Stag" by Euclid Chiambretti, one of the original founders of the studio. Studio del Campos' large wall mounted sculptures are rare and always one of a kind as they took months to complete, were often special commissions by wealthy patrons or corporations, and were quite expensive in their day rivaling the cost of a luxury automobile...
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A bronze tray with a figure of Raijin, god of rain and thunder . large :12 cm,long: 23.5 cm high 1.5 cm
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Bronze sculpture of a figure, perhaps hugging a guitar or bass (or, abstracted second figure?), numbered 57/300 and signed at bottom by artist I. STOLOFF (IRMA STOLOFF, New York, 20th century). The work is 11 1/4" in height, sits on a 2" high black plinth, and weighs six pounds. Condition is excellent. You would appreciate the style if you admire the work of Henry Moore, Kenneth Armitage, Archipenko, or Barbara Hepworth...
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Unfinished humorous anonymous Japanese wood carving woman mask and *Hyottoko mask made during Heisei period (1989-2019). Woman: approx. L 20.2cm (7.95in), Hyottoko: approx...
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Maurice Boval (French, 1863–1916) Art Noveau Bronze of a Young Beauty Signed, 14.25" high, 11" wide, 7"deep Maurice Bouval was a French sculptor of the Art Nouveau period who was born in Toulouse, France in 1863. From 1880 to the first World War, he created a large number of bronze statues or objects including chandeliers, candelabras or table lamps...
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c1910s French Mixed Metal Cubist Nude female- Cello. A fabulous bronze nude female cubist statue with lines of a darker almost copper trim throughout...
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Latin Mexican Cuban Mid Century Modern Hardwood sculpture initial . Intere3sting piece done in a fine hard wood with enamel accent . Signed on the side unknown artist . H 16.75" by 5.5 by 5"
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20th century copy of an earlier sculpture of Washington by J.A. Houdon 1741-1828. Jean-Antoine Houdon 25 March 1741 – 15 July 1828) was a French neoclassical sculptor.
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Important Mandalay Buddha Carved Gilt wood Sculpture 64” beautifully jeweled
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Bronze Sculpture of Marie de' Medici Early 19th Century 14.5” with beautiful patina. Marie de' Medici (1575-1642) was part of an influential family of artistic patrons in Italy. She was also the Queen of France as she married King Henry IV of France after his divorce from Margaret of Valois. Marie was well known for her ceaseless political intrigues at the French court and extensive patronage in the arts which was quintessential of the Medici family.