Important Bronze “Dante Alighieri” By Ettore Ximenes 1855-1926 17x6” L'Enfant Gallery $21,000.00
Classical Carved stone Goddess figure Archeologist estate Piece what pdx $295.00
Ancient Indian Andhra Pradesh Green Limstone Buddhist Relief Ihnasiyah Gallery £2,500.00
christcorpus christi 17th galerie Cecile Kerner €2,900.00
MONUMENTAL Studio del Campo Italy Bronze & Enamel Stag SCULPTURE California Dreaming $9,746.25
bronze tray Delorme.Antique sarl €250.00
Bronze modern figural sculpture style Henry Moore by IRMA STOLOFF Jon Berg Fine Art and More $350.00
HEISEI MASKS t a t a m i $250.00
Art Noveau Bronze of a Young Beauty by Maurice Boval (Fr., 1863–1916) STUDIO ANTIQUES & FINE ART, INC. $4,650.00
Japanese bamboo basket by Chikuyu Akariya Antiques $250.00
c1910s French Mixed Metal Cubist Nude female Cello what pdx $18,500.00
Latin Mexican Cuban Mid Century Modern Hardwood sculpture initial what pdx $295.00
20th Century Copy of an Earlier Sculpture of Washington L'Enfant Gallery $8,000.00
Bronze Sculpture of Marie de' Medici Early 19th Century 14.5” L'Enfant Gallery $3,600.00
Qing Dynasty Guanyin Carved Wood 24” L'Enfant Gallery $2,200.00
Bronze Thai Buddha L'Enfant Gallery $850.00
Carved Dynamic Wood Sculpture of Unknown Origin L'Enfant Gallery $8,500.00
Southeast Asian Bronze Head Sculpture circa 17th/18th Century L'Enfant Gallery $2,500.00
Southeast Asian Buddha Gilded Early Twentieth Century L'Enfant Gallery $2,400.00
EXTREMELY DOTARD MASK t a t a m i $250.00
GARGANTUAN 1950s Talleres Monasticos Mexican Modernist ARTWORK California Dreaming $1,496.25
Etruscan Terracotta Sculpture Of A Crowned Woman 15” C. L'Enfant Gallery On Request
Polished Cast Brass American Eagle Sculpture 18” L'Enfant Gallery $1,800.00
Important Art Deco Bronze Figurative Planter Circa 1920s L'Enfant Gallery On Request
Italian Artist Alex Gennarelli ,19th Century Bronze 17” L'Enfant Gallery $6,500.00
Bronze Sculpture of Aurora by Artist Gustave Michel 1854-1924 32” L'Enfant Gallery $12,000.00
Original Vintage French Art Deco Bronze of a Panther by Max Le Verrier Antiquarian Art Co. $3,250.00
Japanese Nineteenth Century Carved Sculpture of a Deity L'Enfant Gallery $2,200.00
Ada Suina StoryTeller Cochiti Pottery Figurine 4 children Dalia's Gallery $850.00
Tall African Carving of a Woman with Hands Orwellianantiques $150.00
Mid to Late 20th Century Metal Horse Italian Style Orwellianantiques $125.00
Papua New Guinea Indigenous Tribal Mask L'Enfant Gallery $750.00