Avraham Gofer Israel mid century glazed ceramic plate Dalia's Gallery $450.00
Augarten Porzellan Hirsh Wien Vienna original porcelain Deer Elk figurine Dalia's Gallery $395.00
Antique Polish Bronze Sculpture Bust Of Polish Marshal Jozef Pilsudski Hundred and One Antiques $1,250.00
PAOLO MARAZZI "Scultura Spazio Vivo" Black Dog Antiques $30.00
German 17th century find carving religious L'Enfant Gallery $2,600.00
German Carved Sculpture of the Holy Mother 18th Century L'Enfant Gallery $6,000.00
Carved Japanese Wood Deity L'Enfant Gallery $1,600.00
Italian Massive Porcelain Sculpture by Pierino Pisapia L'Enfant Gallery $4,800.00
Thailand Diety carved gilded wood figure male L'Enfant Gallery $1,000.00
South American Santos figure L'Enfant Gallery $500.00
Japanese Edo Period Buddha of Infinite Wisdom Carved Wood Sculpture L'Enfant Gallery $30,000.00
METAL WALL BAMBOO t a t a m i $180.00
MOTHER MASK t a t a m i $200.00
KOREAN WOODEN SPOOLS t a t a m i $200.00
Chinese Archaistic Jade Rhyton "Phoenix" Cup David Anthony $700.00
Chinese Carved Jade Buddhistic Lion, Early 20th C. David Anthony $1,450.00
Rare PUBG Global Invitational Artist Bear Figure Mercedes Benz Arena-B Orwellianantiques $1,500.00
Vintage Silvered Bronze Water Carrier After Alonzo Dominique what pdx $795.00