All Items : Fine Art : Sculpture : Bronze : Pre 1980 item #1354159 (stock #3742)
Auerbach and Maffia
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Luis Lopez Loza bronze figural abstract sculpture

18 1/2" tall

Wood base - 11 1/2" x 12"

Very good original condition

Lopez Loza - b. 1939 Mexico

Loza studied in Mexico City at the Escuela De Pintura y Escultura ‘la Esmeralda’, the Centro Superior de Artes Aplicadas and at the Pratt Graphic center in New York

Collections - Metropolitan Museum of Art, J. Paul Getty Museum and, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts

All Items : Fine Art : Sculpture : Wood : Pre 1900 item #1239234 (stock #10466)
Antique Carved Oak Statue of a Monk holding a book and seated on a curved bench. Probably American, circa 1880.

9" x 9" x 14" tall

All Items : Fine Art : Sculpture : Metal : Pre 1980 item #942676 (stock #0938)
This small vase is TAXCO Mexico sterling silver. It has a nice basket weave pattern and a nice patina. The bottom is marked with the eagle assay with 3 in the middle. It is also marked TAXCO MEXICO 925. It is in excellent condition.
All Items : Fine Art : Sculpture : Stone : Pre 1800 item #1021287
Rare Burmese 18th Century Shan State hand carved white Alabaster Disciple in adoration. Solid and heavy piece. Polychrome with some discoloration due to age, condition: good. Size: H. 20" x W. 11.5" x D. 7.5"
All Items : Fine Art : Sculpture : Bronze : Pre 2000 item #862777 (stock #0902)
This fine sculpture is by the diverse and talented Ernesto Montenegro. Titled "Crosswalk," it displays pedestrians walking across the street. Montenegro's "magic" gives the viewer a bird's-eye perspective, as if looking down from above on the pedestrians. Montenegro achieves this illusion by dramatically abridging the figures. When viewed sideways, the people have grossly stunted legs, walking down the vertical face of the sculpture as if propelled across the street by gravity...
All Items : Fine Art : Sculpture : Bronze : Pre 2000 item #1120469 (stock #2901)
King Art
Robert rauschenberg,1925-2008 Texas. Robert Rauschenberg was born in Port Arthur, Texas of German and Cherokee Indian heritage. He was given the name of Milton and he changed it to Robert when he became a young man.
All Items : Fine Art : Sculpture : Clay : Pre 1950 item #1173546 (stock #Tschac1)
Small original ceramic sculpture of a Cubist-Surrealist figure by Nahum Tschacbasov (American, 1899-1984), circa 1940-1950. This work measures 4 1/2" in height (including base) and is approximately 4" wide. It is signed "Tschacbasov" on the foot (hand-incised signature.) In excellent condition (a couple of small original firing cracks extant). Nahum Tschacbasov was an important Russian-born American artist...
All Items : Fine Art : Sculpture : Bronze : Pre 1980 item #1402644
what pdx
Sterling Edmund Lanier author and bronze sculptor. Cryptozoology figure of an ape like creature eating a human leg or foot, gilt bronze and signed on the base , 1960-1970s original hand cast in as made condition . Size h 2" w 1.5" . Lanier was born on December 18, 1927 in New York City . He was trained as an anthropologist and archaeologist, and educated at Harvard, from which he graduated during 1951. He was a lifelong devotee of speculative fiction, as well as a cryptozoology enthusiast...
All Items : Fine Art : Sculpture : Wood : Contemporary item #1004496
Very fine hand carved TEAK wooden Buddha with 24K. gold gilding on robe and head band. Guaranteed carved from a single piece of teak wood. Size: L. 12" x W. 3" x H. 3.5" Excellent condition, no cracks nor repairs. Worldwide shipping by airmail parcel post $ 32.00 ALSO AVAILABLE IN PLAIN TEAK WOOD WITHOUT THE 24K. GOLD GILDING.
All Items : Fine Art : Sculpture : Stone : Pre 1930 item #1424475
Zentner Collection
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Beautiful Jadeite Standing Quanyin on lotus throne holding apple green colored branch of Peaches and holding upright lotus with two devotee attendants and bamboo grove, with light celadon green jade and outer edges of moss green...
All Items : Fine Art : Sculpture : Clay : Pre 1920 item #1098044 (stock #RMT-118)
Edward Henry Berge (American, 1908-1998)

A Painted Plaster Relief Plaque of Three Iguanas

Signed,lower middle

Size: 23” x 23.5” x 4.5” deep

Born and raised near Clifton Park in Northeast Baltimore, Mr. Berge was the son of the acclaimed Baltimore sculptor Edward Berge, who was best known for his studies of children. A graduate of Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, Mr...

All Items : Fine Art : Sculpture : Stone : Pre 2000 item #1379899
Helen M Edwards
Width:4.7 cm (1.9 in)
Height: 1.6 cm (0.6 in)
Depth: 2.5 cm (1.0 in)
Weight: 43 g (1.51 oz)

Good Chinese white jade pendant; carved Foo Dog; documentation available; good condition
All Items : Fine Art : Sculpture : Bronze : Pre 1700 item #1410299 (stock #8988)
The Buddha Gallery
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Exquisite and quite rare 15th16thC Northern Thai and Cambodian combination , Thai features include the casting/sculpting and the overall feel and style of the piece. . The Cambodian features include: The distinctive "Bat Wing" symbols on the base. the distinctive head shape and hairline seen on post Khmer bronze sculpture. . 11 1/2 inches tall x 6 1/2 across x 3 1/2 deep. Finely cast of a high quality alloy. Special.
All Items : Fine Art : Sculpture : Metal : Pre 1980 item #1255421 (stock #BNJssLgBoat)
June Hastings
A fine sterling silver sculpture of a Yatch in full sail featuring gold inlay bands on the sail. Titled "Yacth" by Japanese master artist Seki Takehiko, it is in excellent condition the sculpture measures 5.5" high. The complete presentation including the glass case measures 9" long x 6" deep x 9.5" high.
All Items : Fine Art : Sculpture : Stone : Pre 2000 item #1379334
Helen M Edwards
Length: 5.8 cm (2.15 in)
Width: 4 cm (1.6 in)
Depth: 1.5 cm (0.6 in)
Weight: 49.1 g (1.72 oz)

Fine Chinese Green Jade lotus and koi pendant; includes a jadeite bead; very good condition
All Items : Fine Art : Sculpture : Clay : Pre 1930 item #1246263 (stock #215451)
Ceramic sculpture by Michael Andersen, Denmark, circa 1930. 16" long; 9" high. Persian glaze with cracquelure. In excellent condition (one small glaze chip to the toe should be mentioned). Still bears the original MA&S paper label. Also hand incised shield mark with 3 lines (fish) and numbers 4875 II.
All Items : Fine Art : Sculpture : Clay : Pre 1930 item #1425188
Beautiful Chinese antique porcelain turquoise and gilt baluster vase and flared neck with red overglaze markings. Body with floral design done in gilt. with markings on body and inset bottom. Perfect condition.

Size: 9.25"H x 5.5"D

Age: Republic Period
All Items : Fine Art : Sculpture : Bronze : Pre 1930 item #1425945
Antique German bronze of a lady dancer,by the famous German sculpture ERNST SEGER (1868-1939). This bronze is 11 inches, 28 centimeters- TALL. A lady dancer wit beautiful clothing, on a white marble footed pedestal made by the artist as well, as one piece. This statue is in very good condition, no damages and no repairs. It has a nice brown patina,it is signed by the artist on the circular bronze base "E. SEGER".