French Art Nouveau Bronze Portrait of a Woman by G. Van der Straeten Antiquarian Art Co. $495.00
Silver Bust of President John F. Kennedy “Ask Not What….” L'Enfant Gallery $1,500.00
Antique French Gilt Bronze of a Woman by Jean-Baptiste Greuze Paris Antiquarian Art Co. $795.00
French Bronze Sculpture, Cendrillon by Jean-Jules Frere David Anthony $21,900.00
jd. Hansen contemporary Bronze FlyGirl limited edition sculpture what pdx $3,850.00
Southern India Bronze Sculpture Of A Diety 13 in L'Enfant Gallery $2,200.00
Southern India Bronze Sculpture Of A Dancer 14.5 Inch L'Enfant Gallery $4,500.00
American Master Sculptor Gutzon Borglum 1867-1941 Abe Lincoln Bronze L'Enfant Gallery $3,200.00
George Washington Commemorative Bronze Plaque After Houdin L'Enfant Gallery $4,500.00
Exceptional Naturalistic Bronze Urn STUDIO ANTIQUES & FINE ART, INC. $850.00
Sino-Tibetan Silvered Bronze Seated Alalokitesvara And Lama Figures L'Enfant Gallery $1,200.00