Japanese Edo Period Buddha of Infinite Wisdom Carved Wood Sculpture
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christcorpus christi 17th galerie Cecile Kerner €2,900.00
HEISEI MASKS t a t a m i $250.00
Latin Mexican Cuban Mid Century Modern Hardwood sculpture initial what pdx $295.00
Qing Dynasty Guanyin Carved Wood 24” L'Enfant Gallery $2,200.00
Carved Dynamic Wood Sculpture of Unknown Origin L'Enfant Gallery $8,500.00
EXTREMELY DOTARD MASK t a t a m i $250.00
Japanese Nineteenth Century Carved Sculpture of a Deity L'Enfant Gallery $2,200.00
Tall African Carving of a Woman with Hands Orwellianantiques $150.00
Balinese Masterpiece sculpture in Wood L'Enfant Gallery $8,500.00
Portugal Early Eighteenth Century Santa Maria Fruitwood Sculpture 18” L'Enfant Gallery $6,000.00
Papua New Guinea Sculpture Sacred Totem 30x15” L'Enfant Gallery $4,800.00
Papua New Guinea Large Life Size Important Sculpture 82x15” L'Enfant Gallery $6,000.00
Papua New Guinea Carved Diety Sculpture 39x9” L'Enfant Gallery $3,000.00
Baci Wood Sculpture Guardian circa 1940 35” tall L'Enfant Gallery $3,500.00
Duff Tweed Carving "Sue the Bastards " Famous Disney Animator/Carver Orwellianantiques $125.00
Antique Carved Wood Royal Coat of Arms STUDIO ANTIQUES & FINE ART, INC. $650.00