Antonini Milano amethyst diamond necklace earrings set in 18k gold Kingston Bay Gallery $2,750.00
1983 Pulled Feather Glass Unicorn by Stuart Abelman David Anthony $325.00
1988 Orient & Flume Blue Cypriot Bowl by David Smallhouse David Anthony $925.00
1983 Orient & Flume Pulled Feather Footed Pear Shaped Vase David Anthony $2,050.00
1981 Lundberg Studios Pulled Feather Sleeve Vase David Anthony $1,595.00
1980 Art Glass Iridescent Snake Vase by Esteban Prieto David Anthony $1,800.00
1982 Orient and Flume Carved Vase with Flowers and Leaves David Anthony $3,200.00
1981 Pulled Feather Art Baluster Vase by Lundberg Studios David Anthony $2,995.00
1981 Pulled Feather Art Vase, Lundberg Studios David Anthony $2,195.00
Orient & Flume Sleeve Vase with Loddonlilies by Bruce Sillars David Anthony $2,495.00
Set of 3 Tiffany Chrysanthemum Sterling Silver Butter Pats Nelson & Nelson Antiques $665.00
Fenton Glass Coca Cola Willow Green Opalescent Rose Bowl David Anthony $77.00
Passadiuti Italian Modernist Gilt Sterling Pale Brown Lucite Bracelet Silverman's Selected Antiques $175.00
Faraone Mennella diamond necklace in 18k yellow gold and titanium Kingston Bay Gallery $3,345.00