Certified Green 100% Natural A JADE Jadeite Thumb RING USA 7 戒指 556228 Jade-charm168 $52.19
Certified 3 Color Natural A Jade Jadeite Hand-Knitting Circle Beads Br Jade-charm168 $37.49
Certificated Natural Grade A Light Green Jadeite Jade Pendant US0237 Jade-charm168 $37.59
Certified 3 Color Natural Grade A Jade Jadeite 82 Beads Necklace 20inc Jade-charm168 $52.59
Small Certified Green 100% Natural A Jade jadeite Ring Cabochon Bead Jade-charm168 $84.99
Very Nice Small Grade A Celadon Green Jadeite Jade Pendant - 5.4 Grams Jade-charm168 $200.99
14*14*14 mm BEAD 54.96 g Cert'd Green Natural A JADE jadeite Moire Bra Jade-charm168 $218.99
Natural Beautiful White Jadeite Jade Bangle Bracelet Jade-charm168 $351.79
Platinum diamond by the yard chain necklace 18" long Kingston Bay Gallery $1,150.00
Certified Lavender 100% Natural A JADE Jadeite Bangle Bracelet 57 mm Jade-charm168 $500.99
Masterpiece Natural Type A Greenblack Jadeite Jade Big Dragon Jewelry Jade-charm168 $533.29
CERTIFIED TYPE A forest pale green/rich green Jadeite Jade Pendant 18c Jade-charm168 $668.19
56 mm Cert'd Green Natural Grade A Jade jadeite Bangle Bracelet r76509 Jade-charm168 $710.99
Certified Grade A Emerald Green Jadeite Pendant Jade-charm168 $1,100.99
Certified Natural Grade A Jade Carved Multi Color Yellow Dragon Leaf P Jade-charm168 $647.99
Certified Natural A Grade Untreated Old Chinese Jadeite Bangle Jade-charm168 $850.99
Substantial 18k Over Silver Natural Diamond Ruby Emerald Pendant With Jade-charm168 $1,400.99