Stunning vintage silver detailed vine leaf openwork hinged cuff signed AllyOOp Gallery $225.00
Dramatic Mexican Silver, Turquoise Cuff Studio Piece Swallows Trail $515.00
Diamond and Sapphire Bracelet 18Kt White Gold Antiques and Jewels on Main $3,200.00
1980s Couture Modernist Heavy Articulated Link Bracelet Wide Cuff modemodern
1980s Couture Pink Poured Glass Bracelet Chain Strung Statement Size modemodern $95.00
1980s Unsigned Patricia Von Musulin Wood Bangle Silver Inlay Modernist modemodern
Betty Cooke Modernist Sterling Orbital Bracelet Auerbach and Maffia $1,200.00
Vintage THE DREAMER multi stone sterling silver bracelet signed AllyOOp Gallery $135.00
Taxco Brenda Schoenfeld Modernist Geometric Link Bracelet Sterling Silverman's Selected Antiques $175.00
Vintage The Dreamer bracelet Amethyst Citrine MOP sterling extra link AllyOOp Gallery $185.00
Antonio Pineda Design Concave Taxco Heavy Sterling Bracelet 162gr Silverman's Selected Antiques $425.00
Vintage Taxco Mexican Silver braided rope bracelet bangle signed 76g AllyOOp Gallery $185.00
Vintage Taxco Mexican silver concho flower link bracelet by C-II AllyOOp Gallery $145.00
Vintage brass stone enamel statement bracelet Ollipop Handmade USA AllyOOp Gallery $125.00
Silver and 18K Gold Inlay Openwork Southwest Style Custom Bracelet Fiona Kenny Antiques $135.00
Stylish Modern Sterling and Leather Buckle Bracelet Swallows Trail $375.00
Vintage Mexican Sterling Silver Bracelet Jack Nelis Asian Antiques €300.00
Handmade Mixed Metal Bracelet Blackbird Hill Antiques $295.00