Fab C1910 BLack African CONGO Native Brass Ashtray Stonegate Antiques $595.00
A fine lavender jadeite ring, A jade The Sterling Collection $585.00
19th C Antique American Religious Framed Silk Embroidery June Hastings $585.00
Antique 18th century Turkish Ottoman Islamic Gun Powder Flask Hundred and One Antiques $580.00
Antique Japanese Samurai Katana Sword Tsuba Signed Nobuie (Nobu Iye) Hundred and One Antiques $580.00
Indian Village Vegetable Cutter Abhaya Asian Antiques $575.00
1930 Mammy Lithographed Tin Wind Up Sweeper Toy w/BOX Stonegate Antiques $575.00
Inside or Reverse Painted Chinese Snuff Bottle by Artist Tian HuiSheng The Zha Shang Jie Collection 查尚杰 $575.00
Navajo Child's Moccasins 19th Century Leslie Antiques Ltd. $550.00
Important Documentary Dutch P.O.W. Painted Bamboo Pot July1943 Intandane Ltd t/a 69A £550.00
Antique Applique Enamel Overlay Painted Milk Glass Snuff Bottle The Zha Shang Jie Collection 查尚杰 $550.00
Sterling Silver Vegetable Bowl David Anthony $550.00
Monumental Serving Platter - Cenis Pattern David Anthony $550.00
Rare Set BIRTH OF EDWARD VII COMMEMORATIVE CHINA 1841 Fiona Kenny Antiques $550.00
Antique Caucasian Russian Kuban or Don Cossacks Scabbard and Belt Hundred and One Antiques $540.00
Pair Antique Japanese Kozuka To Samurai Sword Katana Wakizashi Tanto Hundred and One Antiques $530.00