McKee Jadeite Orange Reamer Green with Envy $70.00
Federal Pink 8 by 8 Refrigerator Container Green with Envy $40.00
Avon Cape Cod Napkin Rings in box 4 Green with Envy $25.00
Harlequin Green Cup Green with Envy $8.00
Swanky Swig glass Lite blue Posy Cornflower 3 1/2 inch Green with Envy $4.00
1930 Pacific Rural Press REWARD for ARREST Sign California Agriculture Stonegate Antiques $75.00
Dark Pink Block Glass Knife with box Green with Envy $55.00
Blue 3 star glass knife Green with Envy $30.00
3 Star glass knife Dark Pink Green with Envy $35.00
Fire King Jadeite grease jar Green with Envy $85.00
C1920s Architectural Wood Building Blocks Set Germany Weimar Republic Stonegate Antiques $95.00
Fenton Big Cookies Jade Basket 10 1/2 inches Green with Envy $120.00
C1930s SEGREGATION Sign "Sleeping Room For Rent " "WHITE ONLY" Stonegate Antiques $1,275.00
1930s Alabama Folk Art Black Americana Cloth Dolls WPA Project FDR Era Stonegate Antiques $295.00
A Stunning Woman's Silver Compact 19th C Leslie Antiques Ltd. $525.00
Antique late 18th Century American Gilt Seals Handle in Federal Style Hundred and One Antiques $500.00
Chinese Bronze Reclining Pig Statue for Dept 56 Store Display June Hastings $975.00