ROLEX 16mm Logo Buckle 18k Gold Plate 19mm Tobacco CROCODILE Watch Company $175.50
Fenton Danielle 10.5" Cased Teal Vase, Connoisseur Collection Two J's $355.00
Fenton Lacquer Red Ginger Jar, Platinum Collection Two J's $435.00
Fenton Lilly of the Valley Covered Candy, Champagne Opalescent Two J's $75.00
Fenton Teal & Milkglass Irridized Basket, Connoisseur Collection Two J's $125.00
Fenton Gold Azure Satin Swan Pond Vase Two J's $355.00
Fenton Hanging Heart Vase, 8.5" Black & White Two J's $365.00
Fenton Blue Diamond Optic 2-pc Stretch Vase Two J's $125.00
Fenton Rosalene Diamond Optic Pitcher Two J's $135.00
Fenton Mosaic (new) 8.5" Vase Two J's $415.00
Fenton French Royale Connoisseur Collection Vase with Handles Two J's $250.00
Fenton Cranberry Spiral Optic 10" Vase Two J's $165.00
Fenton Jack Vase by Dave Fetty Two J's $475.00
Fenton Rosalene 5-pc. Epergne Two J's $1,395.00
Fenton Topaz 5-pc Epergne Two J's $795.00
Vandermark Hanging Heart Perfume Two J's $145.00
Vintage Dumbo Flying Elephant Industrial Metal Toy Mold Figurine June Hastings $1,885.00
Antique 19th Century Wood Canteen Flask Hundred and One Antiques $165.00
japan haku ma ki research note 22 The Tretiak Collection
Bill Fenton's 75th Birthday Pitcher Two J's $125.00
Original Lithograph Poster of The Jungle Drums Of Africa what pdx $125.00
Bomba The Hidden City C 1950 Lithograph poster what pdx $65.00
Ali Baba like Turkish Lithograph Movie Poster what pdx $115.00
Turkish Lithograph Movie poster Ramona what pdx $95.00
The Big Fisherman Howard Keel Susan Kohner John Saxon what pdx $95.00
17th-18thc Hindu Indian Jackwood and Brass Jewel Casket what pdx $1,450.00
Fenton Pink Hand-painted Diamond Optic Bell Two J's $35.00
Victorian Pair of Military Like Brass Badges what pdx $65.00
ROLEX 18mm Logo Buckle 18k Yellow Gold Plate Laser ACIERINOX ROLEXSA Watch Company $40.00
James Bond Like Turkish Movie Poster With Gerard Barray what pdx $95.00
Museum Reproduction Cast Roman Fragment of a Goddess what pdx $85.00
1961 The Minotaur Turkish Lithograph Poster with Bob Mathias what pdx $125.00
Vintage Turkish Steve Reeves Movie Poster Hercules what pdx $75.00
Vintage Turkish Lithograph poster of a Jungle Movie v9 what pdx $95.00
Vintage Turkish Lithograph Poster James Dean Like Movie what pdx $95.00
Turkish Lithograph Poster of Hercules Jane Mansfield Micky Hargitay v4 what pdx $95.00