Lot Four Royal Doulton Bunnykins American Heritage Series Orwellianantiques $395.00
Carved & Painted Wood Santa St. Nick Orwellianantiques $62.00
Vintage Snowman Advent Calender (wood & fabric) Orwellianantiques $12.00
Large Pair Paper , Glitter Christmas Cottages White & Blue 10 1/2" Orwellianantiques $139.00
Original To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything Julie Newmar Photograph what pdx $699.00
Antique Chinese Qing Dynasty Large Bronze Polearm Glaive Hundred and One Antiques $750.00
Antique Chinese Qing Dynasty Bronze Polearm Halberd a jǐ (戟) Hundred and One Antiques $750.00
Advertising New Union Station Jewelers Convention 1912 R.W Wallace Orwellianantiques $100.00
The Royal Collection Porcelain Box Queen Elizabeth Golden Jubilee 2002 Orwellianantiques $125.00
Eight EPNS Vintage Kings Pattern Sheffield Soup Spoons Orwellianantiques $48.00
Omega diamond ladies watch in 14k yellow gold Kingston Bay Gallery $3,250.00
Flashing Lights Halloween Wreath Ornaments and Skulls Orwellianantiques $124.00
Vintage Japan Bisque Patriotic Santa Christmas Candy Container AntiquesDC $195.00
Vintage Japan Bisque Patriotic Santa Christmas Candy Container Kensington House Antiques $195.00
Wedgwood Etruria Mrs Tiggy -Winkle Beatrix Potter Pitcher Orwellianantiques $19.99
Graffitti library Candle "Los Angeles" NIB "Opened" Orwellianantiques $40.00
4 Roneusil Crown Brand Dinner Forks Orwellianantiques $32.00