VeryRare 1890s Kesslers SMOOTH AS SILK WHISKEY TopHat Advertising Sign Stonegate Antiques $455.00
Fab RARE C1930 Japan Polka Dot Mammy Head String Holder Stonegate Antiques $595.00
C1900 Exotic Female Blackamoor Frame w/ Beveled Mirror Stonegate Antiques $425.00
Diminutive and Sweet 1940s Black Mammy Bottle Doll Stonegate Antiques $225.00
Fire King Jadeite Jane Ray Oatmeal Bowl. Green with Envy $32.00
C1940s Adirondack Mountains Ausable Chasm New York Souvenir Stonegate Antiques $38.00
Wonderful 1901 Patent Albert Bruckner Black/White Topsy Turvy Doll Stonegate Antiques $625.00
Vintage Lalique "R" France Round Ornament 1989 or 1990 Mimi Dee Artwear $95.00
A Vintage Gold And Enamel Oval brooch With Flower Gideon Antiques $30.00
King Edward VII & Queen Alexandra Staffordshire Plates Kensington House Antiques $295.00
U.S.N. Bu. of Ships Canteen Navy Military Wristwatch Watch Company $97.00
Vintage Omega 16mm Logo Buckle Aciernox Deposc Swiss Watch Company $35.00
Fry Glass 6 oz Custard Cup Green with Envy $12.00
German AF Luftwaffe Combat Pilot 24HR CHRONOGRAPH 41mm 1958 Watch Company $138.00
Explosive Ordnance Disposal E.O.D. British Military 40 mm Watch Company $87.00
1940s BoyGirl Black Cloth Dolls HandMade Asheville North Carolina Stonegate Antiques $245.00
19C Folk Art Needlework Cross Stitch Sampler 2 Black Girls on SeeSaw Stonegate Antiques $495.00
Sunkist Green Reamer By McKee Glass Green with Envy $75.00
Fire King Jane Ray Creamer Green with Envy $25.00
Fire King Lustre Shell Vegetable Bowl Green with Envy $18.00
Fire King Shell Jadeite Berry Bowl Green with Envy $17.00
Moorcroft LIBERTY'S BLUE DINNERWARE - Assorted Pieces Fiona Kenny Antiques Priced Individually - please see listing below
Royal Doulton FLIRTATION H 5043 CHINA - Assorted pieces Fiona Kenny Antiques Priced Individually - Please see list below.
1900 RARE Set Story-Telling Black Memorabilia Glass Lantern Slides Stonegate Antiques $295.00
1920s Atlantic & Pacific A&P Grocery Black Girl Advertising Diecut Stonegate Antiques $145.00
PreWWI Early 1900s Black Memorabilia Sapolio Soap Diecut Advertising Stonegate Antiques $125.00
1920-30s Black Memorabilia Pretty Black Woman Diecut Advertising Stonegate Antiques $125.00
1900s Black Memorabilia Advertising DieCut 2 Young Girls with Umbrella Stonegate Antiques $145.00
Exquisite 1930s Cloth Folk Art Black Memorabilia Topsy Turvy Doll Stonegate Antiques $325.00
Wonderful1940s Black Memorabilia Cloth Mammy Broom Doll Stonegate Antiques $225.00
C1890 Very Scarce Black Memorabilia Cross Stitch Sampler Little Boy Stonegate Antiques $345.00
HALLOWEEN C1920 Uncut Little MaryJane Paper Doll Good Housekeeping Mag Stonegate Antiques $95.00
1931 Little Black Sambo Art Deco Puzzle by Illustrator Fern Bisel Peat Stonegate Antiques $125.00
1950s Little Brown Koko Hand-Painted Linen Towel Stonegate Antiques $58.00
1930s Black Memorabilia Folk Art Little Girl Key Holder Stonegate Antiques $80.00