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White shui yu jade rectangular pendant with boy and peach on one side. On the other side is calligraphy with "ji xiang" lucky, auspicious. Measures 2.306 inches long. 1.641 wide and 0.312 inch thick. Excellent condition.
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Chinese carved Foo Lion on each corner and red and brown lacquer on Wood Display Stand, "X" cross shape folding, made early 1900's, 10" high, 16" wide-maximum measurement, 11" wide-for display area inside the high rim. One piece of wooden stick is holding the two(2) pieces of wood together loosely in the center to able to fold or open any angle needed for the items to display. There are some lacquer loses on wood, showing wear and tear, no major damage.
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dramatic kanji sun and splash This small Maki print epitomizes the Maki style at its height; the kanji streaks across the print, now it is blue now it is black; there is a strong black sun and a sharp yellow plash and the Maki seal. Yet it is not crowded. The maki seal at the right is a roll, the Maki of his name.
Haku Maki was a well-known Japanese print maker of the second half of the 20th century About 20 of his work was called Big Red and a few Big Blue or Big Green. This is one of the rare big blue prints. By my reckoning he did about three true Big Blues, this is one of the 3. Until this true image appeared I only knew of a catalogue image which we enhanced into a nice blue here in Beijing. This is the Real Deal...
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Chen Gaoli was a well known wood carver and restorer in Hong Kong In the last two decades of th 20th century From his small stores in the Hollywood area he did refinishing, sold art and carved frogs like this. he used old wood bocks as the bases of carving rough backed frogs like this one This one is signed by hi artistic name, Chan Lai. He carved his mark in the base.
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Lovely carved coral pendant with Bird and Flower Motif in a necklace of coral and gold beads. Gold bale is marked 14K. Pendant measures 37mm in length excluding bale by 22mm wide by 12mm thick. 48 Coral beads are 10mm long and 8mm diameter.

Condition: Excellent.

In the 1960s Haku Maki was beginning his career as a modern print maker. He used ersztz titles for different series of prints: Cell, Animal Song for the Zodiac, Proportion Work, Figure and Emanation Flower Song was another. Here we show Flower Song 6, which I have just acquired, and Flower Song 3 which I have owned for a long time The others are not noteworthy. 13 x 17 48 x 34 cm
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Around 1960 Haku Maki probably did the Ox as a woodblock print. He was then a young artist in Tokyo. He may have done some OX images before Michener did his now well known book, but probably not many: 510 were used in the book The Modern Japanese Print". The prints of Japanese artists included in the book are large-ish, it is not embossed...
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Northern Plains Indian pipe carved from red catlinite and black steatite stone with a pewter or lead geometric inlay. The vertical pipe bowl is round and tapered, while the pipe stem is of faceted, octagonal form. Circa 1870s. Excellent original condition, no chips or cracks. Size: 7.75 inches length x 3.5 inches ht. x 1.25" diameter pipe bowl.
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This elegant little pot (holding 200 ml) was made near Yixing in Jingxi. Pots of this size made just as the Opening period began (circa 1980) are very elegant This was made by master Wang. His name is probably Xiufang G 7 cm W 5.5
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This is a Decorative Plate of CHRIST The REDEEMER (Cristo Redentor), a souvenir from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The shiny part of the plate is made of butterfly wings. It measures about 4 3/4" X 4 3/4" X 3/4" ( 12.1 cm X 12.1 cm X 1.9 cm ).
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Haku Maki was undoubtedly Japan’s most prolific print maker of the second half of the 20th century. Many of his works were serious works of kanji and also ceramics. These three are perhaps a bit frivolous. The are actually pretty: each one has seeming globs of color The blue one on the left has kanji in the blue stone; the central one has a wonderful black kanji for Mountain in the center, and the one on the right four globs, each of a different color. And one splash.
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These are 3 different “takes” of the kanji Stone. Red is Work 74-58 (Stone) ; Green is 76-56 (Stone); Blue is 76-54 (Stone). The green one is larger than the other two All have the striking black sun as one stroke of the kanji. Red stone is apparently backwards 2 4 5 7-3 7-9 104 May-1
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Bamboo Grove
This contemporary bowenite carving of two birds resting on a garden rock is 8 ¾” high (with fitted wood base it is 10” high), 5” wide and 3” thick measured from the bottom and 5” thick measured from the birds’ wings. It is in excellent condition.
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This Maki Big Red has the Kanji (Chinese character) for Flower as its theme. The Flower is red and strong; it is set off by a black Sun to the right. A blue tear balances the sun on the left. Maki’s seal in red ink paste, is below the tear, also at the left. Although Maki himself printed this image, the ink looks as if it was layered on by hand. This is 133/154; Print size is about 11” x 18”. We note: the paper in this print is smooth, it does not have the moon-surface effect...
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Haku Maki was an important Japanese modern print maker of the second half of the 20th Century. In the 1970s his work consisted of many abstract images of Chinese characters, kanji. Most are quickly recognizable by Chinese and Japanese. This one has befuddled and even annoyed some Asians who normally like Maki kanji...
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A young American foreign student was passing through Japan in 1964 and bought this wonderful early saito. He has kept it stored away for all these years. He has asked me to help sell it, which I am pleased to do. is It is, 11 1/4” x 17.” Another is winter. Good condition. Many Americans got their first taste of modern Japanese prints by buying Saito. Saito did images for a few UN Greeting cards. This print is signed and chopped by Saito...