Cultural Revolution Propaganda Chinese Red Tray June Hastings $245.00
Folk Painting From Chinese Mountain Village Silk Road Gallery $90.00
Luochuan Original Gouache Peasant Painting Silk Road Gallery $280.00
Chinese Folk Painting of Sheep Herders Silk Road Gallery $280.00
Chinese Huxian Folk Painting Of Children Silk Road Gallery $375.00
Wuling Chinese scholar's stone Suiseki Chinese Scholar Stones $299.00
Chinese Youlan Scholar's Stone Chinese Scholar Stones $238.00
Chinese Style Tibetan dzi and agarwood beads bracelet The Literati Fine Arts Gallery Sold
china yixing winepot counter flow peach 1950 The Tretiak Collection Sold
China republican zitan brushest Mountains Majestic The Tretiak Collection Sold
Cihna Qing Official portrait The Tretiak Collection Sold
Chinese Silver Plate for Daughter of ÁÖÓïÌà (422 gram) Crouching Dragon Antiques Sold
china nodern Yiixing snuff bottle The Tretiak Collection Sold
china yixing nuts 20th century The Tretiak Collection Sold
china bird feeders yixing wood lacquer The Tretiak Collection Sold
white jade inter locked circle earring Mark & Period, Antique Asian Arts Sold
Shui Yu Water Jade Pendant with Mandarin Ducks St. Johns Art and Antiques Sold
Dragon Phoenix Jadeite Pendant 14k Gold St. Johns Art and Antiques Sold