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Some time ago one Connie Elrod offered me a set of the Maki zodiac in a formwat never seen before or since...
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Vintage Japanese gold threaded purple silk brocade altar cloth , purchased in 1990 in Kagoshima Japan in a vintage shop. Beautiful purple gold green and red brocade with gold weaving . Folded long total w 28" length 69" retail was 215.00 per yard.
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Around 1960 Haku Maki probably did the Ox as a woodblock print. He was then a young artist in Tokyo. He may have done some OX images before Michener did his now well known book, but probably not many: 510 were used in the book The Modern Japanese Print". The prints of Japanese artists included in the book are large-ish, it is not embossed...
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Various traditional pattern of hair ornament for Japanese women, made of 'washi' Japanese paper, Showa period, 20th century. Some aged deterioration as is, with rips and stains. approx...
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Mastromauro Japanese art
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A Japanese bronze and silver vase of globular shape with silver line inlay. As finishing small spheres at the end of each line. Kankei signature, artist active in the Showa period, with signature on oval reserve under the base, with original paulownia storage box. Showa period middle 20th century Sizes: 21 x 14 cm Condition report: Good condition
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Haku Maki was undoubtedly Japan’s most prolific print maker of the second half of the 20th century. Many of his works were serious works of kanji and also ceramics. These three are perhaps a bit frivolous. The are actually pretty: each one has seeming globs of color The blue one on the left has kanji in the blue stone; the central one has a wonderful black kanji for Mountain in the center, and the one on the right four globs, each of a different color. And one splash.
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Set of 5 Japanese deep red lacquer plates with gold-net decoration, rim and bootom outside lacquered black. Fine quality wood and lacquer dishes, each painted individually with a net pattern in gold lacquer. Made 1988-04-10, by Ozawa Risuke, Aizu.
Diameter 5.3 in. (13.3 cm), height 0.5 in. (1.5 cm).
Very slightly rubbed in some places, otherwise perfect condition.

Piece located in Europe.

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This is nice hand painted Japanese kakiemon plate 7.1/2 in diameter is in very good condition with no damage. This plate has wonderful detail very clean condition no hair line no chip or repair.
Late in life he. circa 1999, Japanese master printmaker, Haku Maki, did this shikishiban print It is called Z1 - 12 (WAZA); 7.25'' x 8.25''; Shikishiban is a nearly square format. Shikishiban are often mounted on a thick, light cardboard. Japanese people like to give them as presents. The print is in the US and will be shipped fiom there.
In the 1960s Haku Maki was beginning his career as a modern print maker. He used ersztz titles for different series of prints: Cell, Animal Song for the Zodiac, Proportion Work, Figure and Emanation Flower Song was another. Here we show Flower Song 6, which I have just acquired, and Flower Song 3 which I have owned for a long time The others are not noteworthy. 13 x 17 48 x 34 cm
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Circular black lacquer dish with applied white-gold foil decoration, all surfaces of black lacquer. Applied at the center with a square of white-gold foil, painted in black lacquer with stylized waves. Traces of white-gold brushed into the wood grain. Unsigned. Japan, 20th century (ca. 1990).
Diameter 6 9/16 in. (16.8 cm).
Perfect condition.

This piece is located in Europe (EC).

The Tretiak Collection
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A young American foreign student was passing through Japan in 1964 and bought this wonderful early saito. He has kept it stored away for all these years. He has asked me to help sell it, which I am pleased to do. is It is, 11 1/4” x 17.” Another is winter. Good condition. Many Americans got their first taste of modern Japanese prints by buying Saito. Saito did images for a few UN Greeting cards. This print is signed and chopped by Saito...
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Galleria Verges
This is a Japanese Lacquer KABUKI TENGU MASK, Signed, from Japan, possibly mid 20th Century. It measures about 6 3/4" X 4 1/4" X 11" ( 17.2 cm X 10.8 cm X 28.1 cm ). The mask is orange with golden hair and eyes, and black eyebrows and teeth. The back of the mask is black and has red Japanese writing. The mask has a layer of gesso that was applied underneath the lacquer paint.
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Vintage Chinese Vase Configured as a Lamp Details: Cong vase with crackle glaze drilled to make a lamp. Jade or Jadeite finial. Dimensions: Height of lamp to finial 26.5" Height of vase 10.5" Square each side 5" 10.5 inch length slightly flared Period: 20th century Place of Origin: Japan Materials: Porcelain and wood base Style: traditional Chinese art Condition: very good vintage condition no defects noted except final is loosely attached to the lamp. Shippin...
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Antique Baking Moulds Set of 5 Pieces. All the moulds are made from Brass.
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Cultural : Japanese : Lacquer : Pre 1990 item #498445 (stock #L 107)
Set of 5 Japanese dishes of lacquered wood, lacquered in 5 different colours. The wood grain clearly visible on both sides of the paper-thin circular dishes. Each surface covered in a different colour: deep dark brown, deep red, light red, deep green and light brown. Each dish signed in lacquer within the foot ring with a seal reading “sa” (?). Japan, made ca. 1988.
Diameter: 5 ¾ in. (14.8 cm); height: 1 1/16 in. (2.8 cm.
In cardboard box with red label reading KanKan...
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Cultural : Japanese : Woodblock Prints : Pre 1990 item #1366441 (stock #06147)
The frame size: 16 1/16" Long x 12 1/2" High
The etching image size without little margin : 9 3/4" Long x 7" High
The title: Gokurakuji-temple
Artist: Norikane Hiroto (1949-)
Medium: Original Etching
Signed by artist: Lower right in pencil, H. Norikane
Edition Numbered : 114/150 in pencil lower left
. The year made: 1988
The condition frame and Etching: Excellent.
We supply our COA (certificate of authenticity)...
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Indigo-dyed heavy cotton shop Apron, for a Sake purveyor, central logo reads “Cha” (Tea, the common name of drinking establishments in old Japan was “Cha-ya,” or “Tea House.” Stencil-dyed on both sides with shop name and address, braided cotton waist tie. All lines read right to left, and top to bottom, in the old pre-WWII style. Unsure on actual readings, but meanings are clear...