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Tibetan Silver Repousse Buddhist Pendant with Turquoise and Coral. The pendant is in perfect condition with inset coral and turquoise on a hand woven twisted link silver chain. The chain is 28" and the pendant is 3" by 21/4" weight is 150 g this piece is not a recent export made piece it is vintage to antique.
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Good bamboo handled knife from the Karen ethnic group Northern Thai/Burma border. Total length 31cm/12in with good edge- small nick at the tip off the blade which could be honed out, about 50 years old.
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A charming hand woven and decorated basket of split bamboo made in an Isan village in Northeastern Thailand is smoothed on the exterior with an application of brick red lacquer thickened with ash. Yellow and green flowers and dots on black grounds give the basket folk appeal. The Isan (also Isaan) people, though sometimes called Thai Isan, are a blend of Lao, Mon and and Khmer, and have their own language, which is Lao-like but written in the Thai alphabet...
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This soaring form, called a gaelae (galae), is seen in Northern Thailand on the peaked rooftops of houses and other structures built by the Thai Lanna people. On old buildings gaelae are extensions of the ends of roof beams crossed to form a V-shape. On newer houses they usually are separate carvings such as this one and are attached to the peaks of the steep roofs after the basic structure is completed...