Viking -- Treasured American Glass catalog, 1971 Two J's $2.00
Fostoria -- Catalog from the early 1960's Two J's $2.00
Fenton Rosalene Hand Painted Slipper with Rose Applique Two J's $45.00
Fenton Red Slipper w/Gold Decoration Two J's $28.00
Fenton Dusty Rose Candlesticks Two J's $45.00
ORIGAMI t a t a m i $200.00
Old Antique German Pink Pig Candy Container AntiquesDC $395.00
Westmoreland Black Plate w/Mary McGregory Two J's $24.00
Fenton Bicentennial Satin Blue Plate in Original Box Two J's $35.00
Fenton Mini Bell with Hand-painted Pom-Poms Two J's $18.00
Fenton Orange Tree Carnival Bowl Two J's $40.00
Large Antique German Plush Covered Papier-mâché Polar Bear circa 1910 Bear and Raven Antiques $450.00
Baltimore Pear (Fig) Creamer and Sugar Two J's $18.00
Westmoreland Sawtooth Ruffled Plates, 6.5", Crystal Two J's $8.00
Boyd Glass Red Hen Shakers (pair) Two J's $24.00
Vintage wood and Iron Gothic pillar candle wall sconce what pdx $125.00
Fenton Teal Candlesticks Two J's $48.00
Libbey Ring Stem / Goblet Two J's $14.00