Daum French Crystal SEASONS Collector Plate ETE R. Corbin Amber what pdx $199.00
Daum French Crystal SEASONS Printemps R. Corbin Green what pdx $199.00
Fenton Diamond Dot Dusty Rose Small 6" Basket Two J's $34.00
Fenton Diamond Dot Pastel Lavendar Small Basket Two J's $34.00
Fenton Milkglass Pearlized Bear with Rose Applique Two J's $24.00
Fenton Pink Mini Bell w/Butterfly Two J's $16.00
Fenton Light Blue Mini Bell, Hand Painted Floral Two J's $16.00
Fenton Ligt Blue Mini Bell w/Glass Frit, hand-painted Two J's $16.00
Decorative 8 pound specimen of green glass Jon Berg Fine Art and More $60.00
Beautiful ~ Framed Brazilian FEATHER Ornament Galleria Verges $400.00
Vintage ~ RUSSIAN Easter Hand-Painted Wood EGGS ~ 1970's Galleria Verges $30.00
Chinese ~ XMAS Decorative GALLERIA Porcelain House Galleria Verges $150.00
PUSH-UP CANDLE STICK, EARLY 19th CENTURY Faganarms Inc. $90.00
Fenton Blue Satin Swan Two J's $18.00
Fenton Blue Opalescent Jack Vase Two J's $35.00
Fenton Diamond Optic Burmese Rose Bowl Two J's $48.00
Fenton Burmese Satin Diamond Optic Basket Two J's $68.00
Heisey by Imperial Ipswitch Covered Candy, Amethyst Two J's $38.00
Turkish Antalya Dosemealti Carpet Sultanhani Very Sunday 68 Rugs and Carpets $350.00
Gorham Crystal Lotus Bow1 8" w/original box SANAI FINE ART & ANTIQUES $100.00
Fenton Satin Custard Hand Painted Egg Two J's $40.00
Fenton Red Hand Painted Egg Two J's $40.00
Heisey by Imperial 1982 Horse, Forest Green Two J's $25.00
Fenton Votive Ice Blue, Madonna Two J's $33.00
Japanese studio Bizen vase with great graze Kettyantique $175.00
Fenton Frosted Mist Angel Two J's $22.00
Fenton Lite Tan Satin Hand Painted Angel Two J's $35.00
Indiana/Tiara Baroque Vase, Dusty Rose Two J's $36.00
Fenton Satin Blue Pair of Praying Figures Two J's $35.00
Fenton Red Coin Optic Pitcher Two J's $65.00
Imperial Cape Cod Tall Shakers (pair) Two J's $65.00
Imperial Cape Cod Square Cake Plate Two J's $75.00
Fenton Handpainted Bird, Dusty Rose Two J's $24.00
Fenton Corn Blue Owl Ring Holder Two J's $24.00
Fenton Raspberry Mini Bell Two J's $16.00
Fenton Green Bear Two J's $19.00