Westmoreland Black Plate w/Mary McGregory Two J's $24.00
Fenton Mini Bell with Hand-painted Pom-Poms Two J's $18.00
Fenton Orange Tree Carnival Bowl Two J's $40.00
Baltimore Pear (Fig) Creamer and Sugar Two J's $18.00
Westmoreland Sawtooth Ruffled Plates, 6.5", Crystal Two J's $8.00
Boyd Glass Red Hen Shakers (pair) Two J's $24.00
Fenton Teal Candlesticks Two J's $48.00
Libbey Ring Stem / Goblet Two J's $14.00
Fenton irridized Red Rose Bell Two J's $24.00
Fenton Plum Crest 6" Handpainted Compote Two J's $34.00
Fenton Cranberry Opalescent Hearts Basket Two J's $75.00
Fenton Connoisseur Collection Nymph with 5 Footed base, 1995 Two J's $179.00
Hazel Atlas Checkerboard green ashtray Green with Envy $12.00
Federal green coaster 3 pc. Green with Envy $15.00
Fenton Blue Opalescent Draped 6" Vase Two J's $23.00
Milkglass Hen on Nest Two J's $12.00
LG Wright Pink 6.5" Vase Two J's $24.00
Fenton Red Satin 40th Anniversary, Musical Bell Two J's $45.00