Black Stone Sphinx David Anthony $150.00
Ballerina - NAO by Lladro David Anthony $395.00
Art Glass Frog David Anthony $350.00
Fenton Cased Dusty Rose, Spiral Optic 11" Vase Two J's $78.00
Goodwill Toward Men Ornament David Anthony $850.00
Fenton Spring Green Daisy & Button Boot Two J's $24.00
Fenton Sand-Carved 15" Bowl Two J's $425.00
Ableman Spider Laced Vase Two J's $435.00
Fenton Cased Blue 3-Panel Feathered Vase Two J's $125.00
Fenton Leaves 9" Vase, Reverse Carved Carnival Two J's $265.00
Fenton Temple Jar, Cranberry Coin Spot, 3 pc. Two J's $355.00
Fenton Connoisseur Collection Gabrielle 12" Vase Two J's $355.00
Fenton Favrene Spring/Fall, Winter/Summer Seasons 9" Vases -- Pair Two J's $955.00
Fenton New Mosaic Squat Vase, 6" Two J's $425.00
Fenton Danielle 10.5" Cased Teal Vase, Connoisseur Collection Two J's $355.00
Fenton Laquer Red Ginger Jar, Platinum Collection Two J's $435.00
Fenton Lilly of the Valley Covered Candy, Champagne Opalescent Two J's $75.00
Fenton Teal & Milkglass Irridized Basket, Connoisseur Collection Two J's $125.00