Peachtree Golf Club 2007 Champion Trophy Bowl David Anthony $625.00
A heavy solid silver Greek Icon, made in Byzantine style, 20th. cent. Senatus Consulto $185.00
1920 Black Memorabilia Hand-Stitched Mammy Bottle Doll Stonegate Antiques $175.00
C1900 South Carolina Wooden Painted Jewelry Store Advertising Sign Stonegate Antiques $425.00
KUKRYNIKSY Soviet satire propaganda poster "2 Face" what pdx $495.00
Fab 1940s Black Man Cartoon Caricature Restaurant Menu Advertising Stonegate Antiques $65.00
Antique 19th Century Greek Orthodox Icon of Saints Constantine Hundred and One Antiques $1,850.00
Fab 1920s Sea Shell Souvenir Black Boy with Watermelon Stonegate Antiques $95.00
Large Freemason Turquoise Coral Chip Inlay Belt Buckle Gamut Plus Jewelry $47.00
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Ca 1940s Florence Upton Golliwogg Doll Exquisite Black Americana Stonegate Antiques $395.00
1787 CONNECTICUT Bill of Sale 5 SLAVES to Thomas Cumming Savannah GA Stonegate Antiques $965.00
1930s Alabama Folk Art Black Cloth Dolls WPA Project US President FDR Stonegate Antiques $245.00
C1900 Black Memorabilia Glass Slide Entitled Two Old Chums Stonegate Antiques $95.00
1940-50 Black Memorabilia Mammy African Dolls Mother + Baby BEADWORK Stonegate Antiques $85.00
Colorful 1950s Black Memorabilia Mammy Spoon Rest Made In Japan Stonegate Antiques $155.00