19C Folk Art Needlework Cross Stitch Sampler 2 Black Girls on SeeSaw Stonegate Antiques $495.00
1937 Tin Wind Up JITTER-BUG Black Americana Jigger Toy Stonegate Antiques $475.00
C1960s Outsider Art Black Memorabilia EAT AT JOES Signs Stonegate Antiques $475.00
PAUL GRIMM (1892-1974) California art early illustration drawing of William Howard Taft throwing a baseball Jon Berg Fine Art and More $475.00
14K KNIGHT TEMPLAR YORK RITE JEWEL FOB with GARNETS 1920s Fiona Kenny Antiques $450.00
Peachtree Cup 1998 Winner Trophy Cup David Anthony $450.00
Gore Vidal 1960 Playhouse Posters Pair Hyde Park NY March to the Sea Silverman's Selected Antiques $450.00
1930s AMERICAN BEACH Negro Ocean Playground Auto Sign Stonegate Antiques $450.00
Howie Long Autographed Football Package David Anthony $450.00
1901 Patent Date Albert Bruckner Black/White Topsy Turvy Doll Stonegate Antiques $450.00
C1900 South Carolina Wooden Painted Jewelry Store Advertising Sign Stonegate Antiques $425.00
Ca 1919 Satin Glass Vigny France Black Golliwogg Perfume Stonegate Antiques $425.00
VeryUnusual 1920 Brass Ashtray Black Boy with Straw Hat Stonegate Antiques $425.00
1942 Ten Little Colored Boys Book Black Americana Stonegate Antiques $425.00
Stunning C1920 Johnny Griffin Black Boy Brass Inkwell Stonegate Antiques $425.00
C1900 Exotic Female Blackamoor Frame w/ Beveled Mirror Stonegate Antiques $425.00
Early1900 AC Williams Still Banks Darkey Sharecropper Mammy with Spoon Stonegate Antiques $425.00
1920s VIGNY France Negro Golliwogg Perfume Bottle + Box Stonegate Antiques $425.00
C1920 Scarcely Found Johnny Griffin Brass Tie Rack Stonegate Antiques $395.00
RARE 1950s Japan UCAGCO Ceramic Black Sailor Nodder Stonegate Antiques $395.00
1920s Tin Toy Chein Wind-Up BLACK NATIVE Riding Turtle Stonegate Antiques $395.00
Ca 1940s Florence Upton Golliwogg Doll Exquisite Black Americana Stonegate Antiques $395.00
C1910 Beautiful Black Memorabilia Composition Shoulder Head Doll Stonegate Antiques $395.00
C1920 Johnny Griffin Like Black Memorabilia Brass Tobacco Leaf AshTray Stonegate Antiques $395.00
JIMMY CARTER political cartoon original drawing signed Jon Pearson Jon Berg Fine Art and More $395.00
Rare Period Napoleonic snuff or patch box St Helena what pdx $385.00
C1920 Johnny Griffin Black Memorabilia Brass Document Clip Paperweight Stonegate Antiques $375.00
C1950 Vintage Black Memorabilia Mammy Clothes Sprinkler Stonegate Antiques $375.00
C1920s Johnny Griffin Black Memorabilia Letter Opener Stonegate Antiques $375.00
1939 Fredericksburg Ohio Black Man RedCap String Holder Stonegate Antiques $350.00
Black Americana C1950s BIGGER HAIR Tobacco Tin Formerly Nigger Hair Stonegate Antiques $350.00
C1910 Johnny Griffin Black Memorabilia Cast Iron Bank Stonegate Antiques $350.00
Fran Tarkenton Autographed Football with Display Cube David Anthony $350.00
C1890 Very Scarce Black Memorabilia Cross Stitch Sampler Little Boy Stonegate Antiques $345.00
1854 Currier + Ives Black Memorabilia CATCHING A TROUT Stonegate Antiques $345.00
1930 Wood Pull Toy Puppetoons Black Boy "Little Jasper" Stonegate Antiques $345.00