Chinese Political Poster - "Our beloved Chairman Mao West Coast Trading Group $59.00
1900 RARE Set Story-Telling Black Memorabilia Glass Lantern Slides Stonegate Antiques $295.00
1930 A&P Grocery Store Black Girl in Basket Advertising Diecut Stonegate Antiques $165.00
1920s Framed Black Memorabilia DARKIES Painting Book Stonegate Antiques $145.00
1920s Black Memorabilia Sapolio Soap Diecut Advertising Stonegate Antiques $125.00
1930s Black Memorabilia Black Woman Diecut Advertising Stonegate Antiques $125.00
1920 Black Memorabilia DieCut Advertising 2 Young Girls under Umbrella Stonegate Antiques $145.00
Exquisite 1930s Cloth Folk Art Black Memorabilia Topsy Turvy Doll Stonegate Antiques $325.00
Wonderful1940s Black Memorabilia Cloth Mammy Broom Doll Stonegate Antiques $225.00
C1890 Very Scarce Black Memorabilia Cross Stitch Sampler Little Boy Stonegate Antiques $345.00
Wind up Mao Watch - "the East is red" West Coast Trading Group $55.00
Chinese school poster – “August 1 PLA memorial day” West Coast Trading Group $59.00
Cultural Revolution poster - Chinese People have courag West Coast Trading Group $59.00
Mao and his calligraphy – “must solve the problem of Ha West Coast Trading Group $59.00
RARE 1920 Black Memorabilia Mourning Jewelry Brass Brooch Pin Lady Stonegate Antiques $125.00
Large original ropaganda Poster - Celebration of China West Coast Trading Group $129.00
Chinese Propaganda Poster Mao and Hua Guang Feng West Coast Trading Group $59.00
Chinese Political poster Mao the Red Sun West Coast Trading Group $59.00