Antique Indonesian Knife Dagger Bade-Bade - Sewar Hundred and One Antiques $150.00
Antique Filipino Moro Islamic Sword Barong Hundred and One Antiques $350.00
Antique Moroccan Jambiya Islamic dagger Koummya 19th c Hundred and One Antiques $1,200.00
Antique Jambiya Silver Arab Islamic Dagger Arabic 18th Hundred and One Antiques $1,800.00
North African 19thc Sleeve Dagger Berber Forteleza Antiques Inc. $375.00
Indonesian Kris Dagger Early 19thc Forteleza Antiques Inc. $550.00
Antique Indo Persian Matchlock Gun Rifle Jezail 18th c Hundred and One Antiques $1700.00
Exotic 19th Pacific Rim Sword--Phillippine Forteleza Antiques Inc. $225.00
Burmese Sword with Scabbard, 19th Century SwisSiam-Arts-Antiques-Gems $950.00
U.S. World War II Knife with Covered $240.00
French Fancy Court Dress Sword-1850s Forteleza Antiques Inc. $595.00
Sword, German Hunting (Ivory handle) Forteleza Antiques Inc. $1395.00
Sword, Ivory handle American militia 140yrs Forteleza Antiques Inc. $1185.00
Persian Ceremonial battle ax--1810 Forteleza Antiques Inc. $295.00
Digaro Mishmi Sword Abhaya Asian Antiques Sold
Engraved Cavalry Officer Lion Head Sword - Imperial German to Early TR Brandywine Militaria Sold
Ancient Bronze Sword Babylonian Luristan, 13th-12th cen Hundred and One Antiques Sold
Antique 14th-17th century Islamic Sword Arab Kattara Hundred and One Antiques Sold