Antique Indonesian Dagger knife Bade-Bade Sumatra Hundred and One Antiques $200.00
Antique Indonesian Knife Dagger Bade-Bade - Sewar Hundred and One Antiques $150.00
Antique Filipino Moro Islamic Sword Barong Hundred and One Antiques $350.00
1st New York Regiment GAR Civil War Veterans Medal Brandywine Militaria $119.00
Antique Moroccan Jambiya Islamic dagger Koummya 19th c Hundred and One Antiques $1,200.00
Antique Miniature Bronze sculpture Napoleon Bonaparte Hundred and One Antiques $425.00
Antique Jambiya Silver Arab Islamic Dagger Arabic 18th Hundred and One Antiques $1,800.00
WWI German Trench Art / Souvenir Letter Opener Brandywine Militaria $49.00
Antique Bazuband Indo Persian Islamic Armor 18th centur Hundred and One Antiques $800.00
Porcelain Figure of Napoleon Bonaparte with Sword Hundred and One Antiques $370.00
Jaeger Zu Pferde Prussian Steel Pickelhaube WWI German Brandywine Militaria $2,049.00
90th Bomb Group Jolly Roger Set Grouping WWII American Brandywine Militaria $375.00
USAF Air Force air crew wings hat pin 3" Small Pleasures, Antiques Collectibles $65.00
Fine Bullet Cuff Links Gold Tone With Silver Tops 3D Gamut Plus Jewelry $55.00
Fascist Italian Mothers Medal WWII Era Brandywine Militaria $111.00
North African 19thc Sleeve Dagger Berber Forteleza Antiques Inc. $375.00
Pickelhaube Helmwappen Namenszuge Salesman Set WWI Brandywine Militaria $225.00
1st Hew Hampshire G.A.R. Kepi - Civil War Veteran Hat Brandywine Militaria $300.00