Group Antique Magic Lantern Glass advertising Slides and Liquor Labels what pdx $225.00
Original To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything Julie Newmar Photograph what pdx $699.00
Advertising New Union Station Jewelers Convention 1912 R.W Wallace Orwellianantiques $100.00
Vintage 1950's Novelty Straw Purse Doll Keepsake Orwellianantiques $75.00
Vintage 1960's Italian travel poster Lago di Garda Italy Jon Berg Fine Art and More $135.00
DAINTY DAISY DORMER (1883-1947) rare signed photo music hall performer Jon Berg Fine Art and More $100.00
Genuine Aquamarine Kwan Ying Carved Pendant SwisSiam-Arts-Antiques-Gems $85.00
Vintage California orange crate label "Bronco" western appeal Jon Berg Fine Art and More $55.00
Three decorative modern movie posters late 1990's Jon Berg Fine Art and More $100.00
Bombadier Challenger 300 Model Airplane Orwellianantiques $45.00
Hollywood Camera Trophy For Cinematography Orwellianantiques $35.00
Art Nouveau-Style Flowers and Ladies Collar Tips Period Pieces $59.00
1937 The Tale of Peter Rabbit Large Folio Book for Use in School Stonegate Antiques $55.00
Sri Lanka Candy Mold Abhaya Asian Antiques $200.00
BETTE DAVIS (1908-1989) Hollywood memorabilia hand written letter Jon Berg Fine Art and More $500.00
Vintage 1960's Glass with Transfer Pin & Earrings Set Orwellianantiques $25.00
Art deco Celluloid Maincure Set in Case Orwellianantiques $55.00
1939 World's Fair Tumbler Marine Transportation Building Green with Envy $20.00