Haku Maki 2 persimmon diptych blue vase 1980s The Tretiak Collection exhibition
Sterling Scimshaw Clipper Ship Belt Buckle Signed SOLD Gamut Plus Jewelry $75.00
japan modern japanese print Haku Maki months The Tretiak Collection for exhibition
Japan haku Maki 1990s collage Peach z -11 The Tretiak Collection not for sale
WADE GOLDFINCH HEAD DOWN FIGURINE 1930s-50s Fiona Kenny Antiques $145.00
Japan Haku Maki Poem 71 52 big red Japanese Print The Tretiak Collection on exhibition
Japan Haku Maki Big red poem 71-59 The Tretiak Collection not for sale
Gorham Sterling repousse tape measure #18 Small Pleasures, Antiques Collectibles $95.00
1995 Mattel Black HAPPY HOLIDAY BARBIE-Green Dress Strait's Antiques $44.95
Angelskin Coral Carved Pendant and Bead Necklace St. Johns Art and Antiques Inquire
1994 Mattel SCARLETT Honeymoon Dress BARBIE DOLL, MIB Strait's Antiques $125.00
1994 Mattel RHETT BUTLER KEN DOLL, MIB Strait's Antiques $125.00
Libbey Carriages Swanky Swigs Glasses Two J's $1.00
Haku Maki ox early and late The Tretiak Collection for exhibition only
Antique Native American Indian catlinite pipe, N Plains Antiques Collaborative, Inc. $5,500.00