Malacca, Singapore Trade Token Abhaya Asian Antiques $25.00
Genuine Natural Beryl EMERALD GEMSTONE SwisSiam-Arts-Antiques-Gems
Genuine Natural Apatite Gemstone SwisSiam-Arts-Antiques-Gems On Request
Genuine Natural Apatite Gemstone SwisSiam-Arts-Antiques-Gems On Request
Antique Polish Bronze Medal Władysław Warneńczyk by J.F. Holzhäussera Hundred and One Antiques $800.00
Sri Lanka Commemorative 1957 Silver 5 Rupee Coins Abhaya Asian Antiques $220.00
Michael VII Doukas (Μιχαὴλ Ζʹ Δούκας) Abhaya Asian Antiques $100.00
1934 Canterbury Tales Illustrated Hardback Book by Rockwell Kent David Anthony $58.00
Ancient Burmese Pyu Coin Abhaya Asian Antiques $200.00
The Ruling Passion Book by Henry Van Dyke, July 1907 Printing David Anthony $35.00
America's Cup Poster - First America's Cup by Nautical Quarterly Frame David Anthony $825.00
Get a Life by William Shatner, Signed First Edition, Leather Bound Boo David Anthony $395.00
1861 Women of the South Distinguished in Literature Book by Mary Forre David Anthony $240.00
Photograph of Oulah-Nails street, Biskra Algeria early 20th c. Delaplane Antiques $35.00
Photograph of gate and street at Sidi Okba, Algeria 20th c. Delaplane Antiques $30.00
Albumen photo, posed Bedouin violinists F. Bonfils c. 1880 Delaplane Antiques $40.00
1920s Paul Bunyan by Esther Shephard Illustrated by Rockwell Kent With David Anthony $45.00
1930s Princess in Exile Book by Marie Romanov, Autographed David Anthony $295.00