1861 Women of the South Distinguished in Literature Book by Mary Forre David Anthony $240.00
Photograph of Oulah-Nails street, Biskra Algeria early 20th c. Delaplane Antiques $35.00
Photograph of gate and street at Sidi Okba, Algeria 20th c. Delaplane Antiques $30.00
Albumen photo, posed Bedouin violinists F. Bonfils c. 1880 Delaplane Antiques $40.00
1920s Paul Bunyan by Esther Shephard Illustrated by Rockwell Kent With David Anthony $45.00
1930s Princess in Exile Book by Marie Romanov, Autographed David Anthony $295.00
Tales Told by the Gander Book by Warren and Davenport David Anthony $95.00
New Reference Book: Chinese Monochrome Porcelain BRIAN PAGE ORIENTAL ART GBP £45.00

(published price £80 / $100)

Sri Lanka Lakshmi Coins Abhaya Asian Antiques $180.00
The Kelmscott Chaucer by the Folio Society STUDIO ANTIQUES & FINE ART, INC. $475.00
Stupendous GENUINE OCTAGON APATITE @ 2.45 ct. SwisSiam-Arts-Antiques-Gems On Request
Genuine PAIR OF APATITES, CUSHION CUT, 4.84 ct. SwisSiam-Arts-Antiques-Gems On Request
Federal Furniture and Decorative Arts at Boscobel Black Dog Antiques $20.00
Biography And History of the Indians of North America by Drake David Anthony $550.00
Hungarian Silver Denar Abhaya Asian Antiques $150.00
Zanzibar Paisa Coin Abhaya Asian Antiques $50.00
Henry III, Silver Penny Abhaya Asian Antiques $70.00
The Celestial Symbols Interpreted, H W Morrison, 1883 David Anthony $950.00
Bhutan Deb Rupee Abhaya Asian Antiques $80.00
Russia Historic Coins Abhaya Asian Antiques $130.00
Two Medieval Bulgarian and Serbian Coins Abhaya Asian Antiques $140.00
Claes Oldenberg by Barbara Rose STUDIO ANTIQUES & FINE ART, INC. $350.00
BLACK STONE WITH ENSO t a t a m i $450.00
1863 US CIVIL WAR Currency State Bank of SOUTH CAROLINA 15 + 25 CENT Stonegate Antiques $120.00
Jadeite Jade, Diamond, 18k Yellow Gold Pendant. Mark & Period, Antique Asian Arts $950.00
Book: Concubines and Courtesans: Women in Chinese Erotic Art BRIAN PAGE ORIENTAL ART GBP £95.00
3 Choice United States Morgan Silver Dollar Coins Dated 1879 1883 1889 Stonegate Antiques $135.00
A Retrospect of the Boston Tea-Party David Anthony $5,500.00
Antique copper engraving map Oxford to Cambridge JOHN OGILBY 1675 Jon Berg Fine Art and More $400.00
Persian Tabriz carpet Mid-Century 120”x77” L'Enfant Gallery $2,200.00
Kingdom of Bhutan Silver 1/2 Rupee Abhaya Asian Antiques $80.00
restrike Maria Theresa Thaler Silver Pendant with bells what pdx $125.00
Nice .64G 3.2ct Cabochon Emerald untreated what pdx $295.00
restrike Maria? Theresa Thaler Silver Pendant Tribal pendant what pdx $135.00
Guide to Biblical Coins Hardcover – January 11, 2022 Biblical Artifacts $78.00