All Items : Traditional Collectibles : Wine and Related : Pre 1980 item #1483543 (stock #TR1160)
An ornate sterling silver Kiddush cup stands 4 ¼” high and the diameter is 2 3/8”. It makes a perfect gift for the right person.
All Items : Traditional Collectibles : Geological : Fossils : Prehistorical item #1483431 (stock #7293)
Good Hadrosaur egg. Please examine enlargements for condition, as is- no restoration. W: 14cm/5.5in L: 16cm/6.2in and H: 11cm/4.3in weight: 2137grams. Acquired in Hong Kong 25 years ago.
All Items : Traditional Collectibles : Books : References : Antiques : Pre 2000 item #1483183 (stock #09132023A)
You are considering a group of six volumes, all in excellent used condition...
All Items : Traditional Collectibles : Books : References : Antiques : Pre 2000 item #1483150 (stock #09122023A)
I am thinning out my library of reference books and will be listing a variety of works from different areas and periods over the next few weeks. This group consists of five volumes of the Maya Vase Books by Justin Kerr, specifically volumes 1-5, together with The Maya Book of the Dead, Old Gods and Young Heroes, plus two books on Moche Ceramics. All books are in outstanding condition, basically like new. There is a tear to the dust jacket on the Old Gods book,the text is as new.
All Items : Traditional Collectibles : Books : References : Fine Art : Pre 1990 item #1483113
Rare book titled Tokuriki Tomikichirō Gashū 徳力富吉郎画集 (Tokuriki Tomikichirō Art Book), Published by Abe Publishing in 1984, and is 37 x 26 cm. Edition 504/1000. 221 pages. Book is in Japanese, with titles of artwork in English as well. Book is showing representative works by famous Kyoto artist Tokuriki Tomikichiro. He was best known for his prints, but was originally trained as a painter...
All Items : Traditional Collectibles : Books : Bindings : Religious : Pre AD 1000 item #1481509 (stock #LS202306)
Ancient Artifacts
Rare copper mask hammered and decorated with a human face in repousse. From the peninsula of Santa Elena, Ecuador. It dates to 300-500AD. In the style of Manteno Huancavilca. About 3.4" square. It weighs 10.3 grams. A choice piece! From the collection of Michael Robbins, purchased in 1989.
All Items : Traditional Collectibles : Numismatics : Medals : Pre 1837 VR item #1481371 (stock #3464)
L'Enfant Gallery
A very rare U.S. Native American Indian Peace Medal with a date of 1829 and portrait of President Andrew Jackson with Its’ original lanyard or collar which is trimmed in red velvet The medal in bronze with a diameter of 3.5”, the collar approximately 18”
A truly extraordinary baroque pear shaped Melo Pearl weighing an impressive 9.67ct approx. The colour is a gorgeous medium to stronger orange with patches of yellow. The Pearl is free from cracks and ugly blemishes. There is a very feint ‘flame’ pattern on some areas of the Pearl. This is an absolutely natural saltwater Pearl and is not freshwater or cultured Pearl. Perfect for a delightful pendant. Absolutely rare and absolutely certain to appreciate in value. Shipping Fedex or Dhl
An absolutely magnificent, absolutely superb quality unheated, untreated ruby from the famed gem mines of Myanmar Burma weighing 4.41ct. Gorgeous shade of medium to slightly darker red, and fully certificated by the internationally acclaimed GIA laboratory, absolutely beautiful! The certification has not been done yet but will be done upon order placement- it will only take 2 days...
All Items : Traditional Collectibles : Ephemera : Photographs : Special Interest : Pre 1980 item #1480554 (stock #TC)
Asian Ethnic Artifacts
Price on Request
This photo was part of a Historic Photograph Exhibition celebrating the success of the Communist's Revolution. The Exhibition was held in Beijing sometime in the 70s/80s. The photo was printed from the original negative.... Large format 15 x 20 inches
All Items : Traditional Collectibles : Geological : Pre 1492 item #1480390 (stock #58)
Gallery Samdao
The Iconic figure, seated on the seven headed Naga deployed to protect the meditation of the Buddha. Measurements: Height - 68 cm (26 1/2 In) Estimate Value: $14 000 - $18 000 Don't hesitate to send your offer, we always do our best to offer the most attractive pieces for the best price. SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Founded in 2007 Samdao Gallery We have been offering SE Asian Arts And Antiques for 15 years and are proud of the reputation we have developed for fair and honest listings...
All Items : Traditional Collectibles : Ephemera : Autographs : Historical : Pre 1800 item #1480374 (stock #4118)
Watch Company
ROCKFORD WATCH CO. Rockford, Illinois 1873 – 1915 The Rockford Watch Company’s equipment was bought from the Cornell Watch Col, and two of Cornell’s employees, C.W. Parker and P.H. Wheeler, went to work for Rockford. The factory was located 93 miles from Chicago on the Rock Rover. The first watch was placed on the market on May1, 1878. They were key wind, 18 size, full plate expansion balance and dials made by outside contract...
All Items : Traditional Collectibles : Books : References : Pre 2000 item #1479913
Sothebys sale catalog THE CORNELIUS V.S. ROOSEVELT COLLECTION OF NETSUKE that took place in NEW YORK on June 2, 1992. Soft covers, 341 lots illustrated. Excellent reference book.
All Items : Traditional Collectibles : Books : References : Antiques : Contemporary item #1479824 (stock #MB788)
New Reference Book: Classical Chinese Furniture – Marcus Flacks

Unlike other Asian cultures of the 17th and 18th centuries, the Chinese did not sit on the floor. The simple fact that the Manchu invaders imported highly flexible furniture from their yurts influenced the development of Chinese design and decorative arts...

All Items : Traditional Collectibles : Ephemera : Autographs : Contemporary item #1479508 (stock #VW1831)
Watch Company
The Badge is an official United State Government issues, Made in Sterling Silver as some fortunate Marshals received. 65mm by 55mm.

In the late 1800's when the United States Marshals were under the Justice Department, some badges were ordered by the Justice Department. As far as it can be determined, these badges were circle and cut out stars. "UNITED STATES MARSHAL" They were hallmarked U. S. MARSHAL, stamped...
All Items : Traditional Collectibles : Books : Pre AD 1000 item #1479138
A superb gilt and coloured parchment leaf from a religious work, France, c. 1450.

Han-written page with the tiniest details and among the finest we've had ever of the early type from the late medieval period of the 15th. century. The decorations includes lavish use of leaf gold to highlight letters.

Size: 15 x 20 cm...
All Items : Traditional Collectibles : Numismatics : Coins : North American : United States : Pre 1900 item #1478922 (stock #217-1102A)
You are viewing a mint state example of the U S quarter dollar from the 1893 Columbian Exposition. It depicts Queen Isabella. It has been professionally graded by PCGS as MS - 62. The coin is slabbed.
All Items : Traditional Collectibles : Numismatics : Medals : Pre 1920 item #1478920 (stock #217-1221A)
You are viewing a very fine quality medal struck for the Panama Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco in 1915. On the obverse it reads: For Montana Exposition Fund, Oro y plata. The medal is 38 mm in diameter.