Albumen photo of the Kas Mahal and Anguri Bagh by Sache 1870s Delaplane Antiques $60.00
Albumen photo of the Taj Mahal from a balcony c. 1875 Frith Delaplane Antiques $90.00
Group lot of Vintage Liquor labels what pdx $30.00
Rolex DATE Style 16mm Steel Logo Buckle 19mm Croco Leather Watch Company $60.00
Italian Bronze Commemorative Coin of Raphael, Renaissance Painter Griffin Gallery Ancient Art $125.00
PORSCHE Lemania 5100 PVD BRACELET 20mm Factory Genuine Original Watch Company $300.00
Two Ancient Chinese Shang Bronze Knife Coins - 1600 - 1028 BC JJ Oriental $585.00
China's Old Dwellings. By Ronald G. Knapp. University of Hawaii, 2000. AfricAsia Primitive and Antiques €45.00
1st ED ~ Inspiring Reform ~Boston's Arts & Crafts Movement HC/DJ Black Dog Antiques $20.00
Albumen Photograph of Bronze Bosatsus at Senso-ji in Asakusa, 1870/80. Galerie Hafner $320.00
shipping included
Albumen Photograph of Shimbashi Railway Station, Japan c. 1872. Galerie Hafner $600.00
shipping included
Alfred Stieglitz ~Aperture Masters of Photography Black Dog Antiques $8.00
JAPAN, MUTSUHITO. MEIJI 2. CIRCA 1860s. GOLD 2 BU COIN, CHOICE EF Sina's Antiques and Fine Arts $195.00
Fugitive-Transfer-Signed-by-Gov-Alfred-E-Smith-NY-8-17-27 Black Dog Antiques $150.00
Original Extradition Writ Signed by Mayor James Curley Boston 10/36 Black Dog Antiques $300.00
A Passion for Collecting ~Jean Demarchy + Francois Baudot Black Dog Antiques $15.00
Sigmund Freud and Art ~ His Personal Collection of Antiquities Black Dog Antiques $15.00