Classic Chinese Charms and Sequel by Zhang Yiwei Abhaya Asian Antiques $400.00
Complete Collection of Ceramic Art Unearthed in China (16 vol set) Abhaya Asian Antiques $600.00
Chinese Ivories from the Kwan Collection Abhaya Asian Antiques $300.00
History Of Steel In East Asia : A View On the Development Of Weaponry Abhaya Asian Antiques $220.00
A Panorama of Ceramics in the Collection : Chun Wares Abhaya Asian Antiques $300.00
Sterling Silver Kiddush Cup Antiques and Jewels on Main / RGY Antiques $180.00
Tokuriki Tomikichirō Gashū Limited Edition Art Book 1984 Japanese Art Treasures $95.00
Pre-Columbian Copper Maskette 300-500AD Ancient Artifacts $500.00
Andrew Jackson Indian Peace Medal 1829 Original Lanyard L'Enfant Gallery $4,200.00
*ROCKFORD KEY WIND MODEL 1 No. 25,579. 3oz. SILVER CASE 1877 Watch Company $449.00
Catalog ROOSEVELT Collection of NETSUKE 1992 Dmitry Levit Asian Art $35.00
Official U.S. Marshals BADGE Sterling SIlver 65mm by 70mm OLD WEST Watch Company $250.00
Lovely very high quality French Parchment leaf, Medieval c. 1450! Senatus Consulto $425.00
Ladies MOVADO AVISO 14k GOLD Bracelet Wrist White ROMAN Dial 22mm Watch Company $3,250.00
BOOK OF MISCHIEVOUS KIDS t a t a m i $200.00
NEW YORK W.Co. Springfield, Mass. CHESTER WOOLWORTH 1874 Watch Company $750.00
AMERICAN W.Co. P.S. Bartlett 11j Silver original Circa:1865 Watch Company $750.00